Are Your Mistakes On Display?
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

I don’t watch a lot of baseball. But when the World Series comes around, I watch a game or two. That way when people are talking about it in the line at Starbucks, I can say something like, “How ‘bout them Mets?” My hope is they don’t try to engage in conversation about it and […]

Could Your Next Step Be Easier Than You Think?
Hillary Rector
By Hillary Rector

A couple of summers ago my husband and I were canoeing for the afternoon during a time when I was just getting ready to finish graduate school and looking ahead to whatever would be next. My husband, kindly prodding me (albeit in a small boat on a quiet river from which there was nowhere to […]

What is Keeping You From Loving Yourself?
Lisa Gungor
By Lisa Gungor

Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. I used to not put much value on the above words. I suppose the idea seemed kind of selfish. I just thought loving others well was all that mattered. But if we do not value and love ourselves, that lack shows up, everywhere.

What’s Getting In the Way of Building Something Awesome
Bob Goff
By Bob Goff

I was pretty proud of myself when I made a picture frame once.

The reason I was so proud is that I had to overcome so many obstacles to build it.

First, it took me a while to find just the right wood. Then I went to the store and bought an expensive circular saw to make a couple mitered cuts. Then I had to buy some expensive wood glue and then even more expensive clamps to hold the pieces I cut together. After a couple days and a whole bunch of money, I stood with a pile of tools behind me holding the crooked frame I’d built.

Let me tell you about a couple guys who moved from San Diego and from the Pacific Northwest to Gulu, Uganda this year who are building an entire school campus – out of dirt!