You’re Never Going to Be Fully Ready
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

You’ll never feel totally ready. The plan will never be perfectly formed. You’ll never have the money you think you need or the support you wish you had. You’ll never feel as strong and prepared as everyone else seems.
No one has every last thing they need. But the people who change their lives, the people who make beautiful things, the people who make a difference in our world—they are the people who paddle, who are willing to do it badly, who give up perfect in favor of good.

Pay Attention to What Makes You Cringe
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

DC Talk, a band from the 90s, once sang, “Some people gotta learn the hard way, I guess I’m the kind of guy who has to find out for myself.” While this may be true for most, my approach to life has been the exact opposite. I’ve always learned best from paying attention to the mistakes of people around me.

What Are You Shining a Light On?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

It would be tempting in times of destruction and loss to focus on the negative, the terrible. It would be tempting at times like these to shine a light on what Satan has done and what Satan is doing. But we shouldn’t. We should shine a light on what God has done, who God has made brave and courageous, and what God is doing in the world.

How to Create a No Judgment Zone
Amena Brown Owen
By Amena Brown Owen

Life is hard. Some of us are doing the best we can—getting out of bed in the morning, taking breaths, and making it through another day. Working, parenting, loving and being loved, are all things in life that take hard work. It is also takes work just to be yourself when it often seem easier to hide behind a façade.

When we create a no judgment zone in our lives we experience a glimpse of what God does for us.