Something To Remember When Social Media Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

I’m not what you would call a social media pro. I am to all things social media what a flip phone is to an iPhone. While I do have a Facebook account, I rarely look at it. My colleagues at my office check it and tell me if there is something I need to know. […]

Why You Need A Personal Code And How to Create One
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Recently I heard an interview with a prominent world leader who was asked about his formative years. One of the things he did that served him, he said, was to develop a code. And by “code” he meant a list of values by which he would live. Normally we think of mission statements and values […]

Five Articles I Sent My Staff This Week
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

As a staff, we are committed to learning and growing, both professionally and personally. One of the ways we do that is by reading. Below are some of the most current things we’re reading together. If you’re in need of something great to read this weekend, start here. These Four Character Flaws Can Kill Your […]

The Real Danger of Getting Revenge
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

I have a friend who rides bikes. Expensive bikes. Ultra-light bikes. And you know what the rule is about bikes, right? The lighter they are, the more expensive they are. My friend’s bikes cost many thousands of dollars. We both live in San Diego, where there are some great bike trails. He can go inland […]