What Being in A Music Video Taught Me About My Identity
JJ Peterson
By JJ Peterson

One of the ways I worked my way through grad school was taking small acting jobs here and there. The pay wasn’t always great, but it was a unique experience and I always had fun and learned something. One of the most profoundly divine encounters in my life happened when I was cast in a […]

Why It’s Sometimes Best to Ignore Your Feelings
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’m a 4 on the Enneagram with a strong 3 wing. Enneageeks know what this means. It means I’m in touch with my moods, my feelings, my thoughts more than the average person (the 4 side) which can sometimes be a pain. Being a 4 means you can only “create” when the weather is good. […]

Five Articles I Sent My Staff This Week
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

As a staff, we are committed to learning and growing, both professionally and personally. One of the ways we do that is by reading. Below are some of the most current things we’re reading together. If you’re in need of something great to read this weekend, start here. How My Career-Ending Injury Helped Me Find […]

Three Reasons To Embrace The Discomfort of Change
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

Take one minute to think of all the people you care about. Now ask yourself: why do you care about these precious friends? Chances are it’s because they have walked with you through something hard. They’ve brought you an ice cream cone when you were down. They’ve shared with you their wisdom when you were […]