A Book List for Fall, and a Tour of Powell’s

Donald Miller

A quick post about books. A gentleman named Paul Reese asked what book I recommend most for writers, and in answer I e-mailed him about several. Here are the ones that have floated to the top for me:

The War of Art, Steven Pressfield
Plot and Structure, James Scott Bell
On Writing Well, William Zinsser
Notable Mentions:
Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott
Zen and the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury
The Writing Life, Annie Dillard

Also, I recently placed an order for new books. I share them with you in hopes you might share a small list too. Here’s my next journey into bookdom:

Mind Over Matters, Michael J. Nelson
Walking on Water, Madeline L’Engle
The Mind of the Maker, Dororthy L. Sayers
Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
Collected Stories, Ray Bradbury
The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck
A Wrinkle in Time, Madelin L’Engle
The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell

(Thank you Mark Hollingsworth for giving me a massive booklist from which I have chosen a few titles. Great spending the week with you and yours! And great talking books.)

That should keep me fed through the fall. And what will you be reading as the leaves come off?

For those who cannot make it to Powell’s in person, a quick tour of a Portland treasure, the world’s largest bookstore:

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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