Breaking News Exclusive, Hannah Montana is NOT a Reality Show

Donald Miller

*****Breaking News*****Exclusive****

-Donmilleris has recently learned the popular reality television show Hannah Montana is staged. It is not a reality show. Like many Americans, I have been captivated by this program since it debuted in March of 2006, having experienced a long, boring wait for anything worth watching since the cancelation of the Osbornes, another reality show (we think) depicting an average American family.

Many who read this blog will continue believing Hannah Montana is a reality show and the characters are not acting and the extreme tension on the program is not scripted. Please consider the following:

1.     The actress who plays Hannah Montana may also be popular singer Miley Cyrus. Note the following resemblance.

Image One: Left, Singer Miley Cyrus, Right, Hannah Montana (Obviously the same person. In both pictures they are wearing the same string bracelet.)

2.     The character who plays the father on the supposed reality show Hannah Montana is not her father. Her real father is actually once-popular country and western sensation Billy Ray Cyrus best known for his hit single Achey Breaky Heart. Do you need more proof? How about the fact Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus have the same last name. And you will also have to contend with this charming Father/Daughter photo:

3.     The show Hannah Montana was created by a man named Michael Poryes, who is credited as co-creator of The Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven, which Donmilleris also revealed as a fraud reality show last year. Poryes has tried to pull another fast one, but we found this interview in which the media mogul, thinking nobody would see the interview because it was done inside the internet and taped in Canada, slipped up bad. Sorry Michael, Don Miller has the internet, and lives close enough to the border to get the Canadian internet, and so you are busted, eh.


1.     Michael, why do you need a writers room if it’s a reality show?

2.     “Put together a group of people” Michael? That doesn’t sound like a reality show to me.

3.     Miley? Michael refers to somebody called Miley, rather than Hannah Montana. I wonder why? Maybe it’s the same person? 

4.     Why are you comparing Hannah Montana, a supposed reality show, to House, a documentary? Maybe because you are trying to get us to think Hannah is reality also. Bullcrap. We’re not falling for it.

5.     Wonderful Phenomenon? Try massive marketing ploy.

6.     The internet is the future? No, clocks are the future. They are everywhere, and you can move the hands to reflect the future. Take a physics class, why don’t you, Michael.

And so on, I don’t have to say anything more. This story is developing.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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