You Can Make our First Commercial

Donald Miller

Over at The Mentoring Project, we are about to launch our all-encompassing donation page. This page will feature a video that essentially invites people to participate in our program by sponsoring a mentor. That’s where you come in. We are inviting people to help us by making a (45 second or under) commercial.

We will then feature your commercial on our site, and will direct our entire e-mail list to see your commercial. And we will be sure to tell people who you are in case you do this sort of thing for a living. But mostly, you’ll be helping out an incredible cause.

Here’s what you need to know about TMP in order to make a commercial:

• The Mentoring Project is recruiting ten-thousand mentors through one-thousand church-based programs.

• It costs $5 per month to sponsor a mentor.

• People can sponsor a mentor online, on the same page where your commercial will be featured.

So, whether you do this sort of thing professionally, or you’re taking a class and need a good project, we’d be blessed to feature your commercial.

You can e-mail your commercial link to:

We will be able to feature more than one, of course, and I’ll post them on the blog, too. Thanks for joining us!

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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