A Thanksgiving Playlist

Donald Miller

Put this playlist together this morning so it’s ready for tomorrow. Wondering what music you’ll be playing on Thanksgiving as you cook and eat and, well, listen to music. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

This is obviously a tiny image, but if you click on it it will explode….

My favorite recent discovery is a kid out of Toronto named Matthew Barber. He’s a very thoughtful songwriter, kind of a David Gray without the severe depression. In other words, his stuff is easy to listen to but doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. Also, Sara Groves has a new Christmas album out, and she is always worth listening to. The Fray is coming out with a new album, so I hear, and that will no doubt be good. Leigh Nash’ solo record was terrific, this year, also. The song Along the Wall might be my favorite song from 2008. It seems to sum up the year for me. Anyway, this playlist is really not so much about my favorites from the year as it is a playlist that will work as background music for hanging out. And for that matter for getting my Christmas mailing out….Enjoy the holiday….

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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  • Graham Ragan

    Good stuff, Don.

  • begaid20423

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