The Open Table

Donald Miller

A Couple years ago I interviewed about twenty-five friends and asked them each five questions.

1. What did you think of God/Christians before you became a Christian?

2. When did you realize there was a dark or hard side to life?

3. When did you realize there was a dark or hard side to yourself?

4. What did it look like when God broke into your world?

5. What does your life look like now?

I wasn’t sure exactly what we’d get when I did the interviews. I had a film crew in from South Africa, but only a week before they arrived, all our film options vanished. When they got to Portland, I had nothing for them to shoot. We sat around in my breakfast nook trying to figure out what we were going to do. And we came up with the interview idea. After that, we put together a little book that takes a similar journey, just processing the idea of Jesus from an outsiders perspective. The book is called “The Open Table” and so is the DVD. They are available separately, but I hope they end up being used to hand to folks who have questions about faith and specifically Christianity.

The project evolved into this non-threatening way to talk about God, by giving them a book that just has five weeks of daily readings that more or less answer a questions about God (ie. Does God like us, Is God judgmental, Does God get angry, Is God causing all the problems in the world, and so on).

Here is a clip from the first section of the DVD, answering the question “What did you think of God/Christians before you became a Christian?”

I talk more about the project at

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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  • Dear Brother Miller,

    Yesterday I wrote and forgot to leave my contact information in the email. It is below.

    I am a volunteer Chaplain at a men’s minimum security unit in Stockon, Kansas. One of the men who is there asked me if I knew of a source where they could obtain about a dozen copies of the book The Open Table, by Donald Miller. That was yesterday, so as I begin my search, I thought why not start “at the horses’ mouth” so to speak.

    These men, as you can imagine, are not earning any money at the present yet I am there for one reason: that is to see Changed Lives through Christ Jesus. We do not have a twelve step, or four step or three step program. Ours is a one Giant Step: Let Jesus Step into your heart and life and be your Decision Maker, Boss and Lord.

    If you believe that this book or the material would assist them in that program leading to a changed life, so that they would never be in the place where they are again, then I would appreciate your response and input and advice. I thank you and ask God to continue to bless you in all that you do for Him.

    Brother J.R. Hughes,

    Volunteer Chaplain
    Stockton East Unit
    (785) 389-3180