Angry Conversations with God

Donald Miller

My friend Susan Isaacs has written a book that will hit shelves shortly. And this week she got a raving review from Publishers Weekly. If you’re looking for a good winter read, you’ll like this one. Susan is an actress in Los Angeles who has been in and out of show business and in and out of faith, too. She approaches spirituality with a comedians depth, and her book is as honest as a diary.

From Publishers Weekly:

Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir

God in couples counseling? Sounds sacrilegious, but in the adept hands of comedian, writer and actress Isaacs, it’s a success. Isaacs reached bottom at age 40: no job, no boyfriend, no home. Of course, she blamed God. So off they went to counseling with the ever-patient therapist Rudy. Isaacs moves easily between recounting her life story and her counseling sessions. She describes encounters with the Nice Jesus of her Lutheran upbringing; the “Oakie” Pentecostal church and the militant counselor; the “Rock-n-Roll” church and the “Orthopraxy, Dude” church, plus her rocky acting career and her love life, including guilt-ridden sex and Mostly Mister Right. Isaacs readily admits to being snarky, but she’s honest about her quest and its conclusion: “I saw now all too clearly why I had married God: for the power and the glory. For the money.” Isaacs goes on a Job-like search for explanations from God, but instead finds the problem to be her. She’s funny, biting, earthy and brilliant. (Mar. 12)

Angry Conversations on Amazon

An intro to Susan:

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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