Follow our Climb up Mt. Hood Live on the Internet!

Donald Miller

At midnight on Sunday the 30th, some friends from Texas and I will summit Mt. Hood and you can follow our adventures live on the internet. We have a GPS spotting unit that will mark our coordinates every ten minutes or so. You can follow our trek here. (Make sure to click on the Satellite view so you can actually see the mountain) It should take us about six or seven hours to summit, and about that long to get back down.

On Saturday, before climbing Hood, we will summit Mt. St. Helens and you can follow that climb (3AM Pacific through the rest of the day) when you click on that same link. 

All in all we will climb about ten thousand vertical feet between the two mountains. It’s going to be quite an adventure.

When you climb Mt. Hood, you summit in the middle of the night when the conditions are colder so the ice is packed hard and is less dangerous. We should reach the summit at about 6AM or so, or around 9AM on the east coast. Toast us with your coffee cup if you happen to catch it live (I think that means you’ll see a blip on the map that looks like it’s right around the summit!)

Soon, I’ll post pictures from the climb. 

Again, if you want to follow our adventures, simply click here. 

I’ll be back to the business of blogging soon!



Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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