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Unbelievably, you saved Blue Like Jazz! Incredible. I went to the Save Blue Like Jazz website and Jonathan and Zach, our fearless rescuers had posted a terrific thank you video. Just some clapping and dancing, but it pretty much sums up how we are all feeling! I’ll blog more about all of this soon, but for now, raise your glasses friends, because WE ARE MAKING A MOVIE!

We did it! from Save Blue Like Jazz on Vimeo.

Steve and I talked tonight and are figuring out our plan on how to make a return on your investment go to a non-profit. Essentially, the money you made would be returned to help somebody else, plus some interest as an investment. So the story may just be getting started. We are making the movie, and if the donations keep coming, we may make history. Unbelievable. Thanks for all your support. We are busy making calls to thank people, but there are hundreds of you, so give us some time and grace.


Don Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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