Storyline Special Guests!

Donald Miller

This year we have an amazing line up of special guests.

We are still doing our flagship conference in the trendy Pearl District of Portland (early registration ends TOMORROW) and the following week we will be in Nashville, TN. About three weeks later, we will be in beautiful Santa Barbara and at each conference we have some inspiring people stopping by.

This year’s conference is all new, too. We’ve created a 55 page workbook including nine modules that, once complete, will give you a life plan based on the elements of story. Essentially, you’ll be plotting your life the way great writers plot their novels and screenplays. It’s a whole new way of viewing your life and creating a life plan has never been more fun.

Bob will be joining us at Portland and Nashville's Storyline

In Portland, our special guest is Bob Goff, whose book Love Does releases this week (If you’re coming, we’ve got a copy of his book as our gift to you.) Bob is the living, breathing Walt Disney of construction lawyers and also happens to be the American Consul to Uganda. I’ll be interviewing Bob extensively about his school in Uganda, his passion for family, his crazy thirst for adventure and motivation to spread God’s love. Bob does life like nobody I’ve ever met and I think you’ll be inspired by what he has to say. For our special event in Portland, we will be showing Blue Like Jazz. For those of you who haven’t been able to see it yet, we’re rolling it out and I’ll be doing a Q and A after.

Amy will be performing a special, acoustic concert at Nashville's Storyline

Bob will also be joining us in Nashville, along with our friend Amy Grant.Amy will be performing an acoustic set and talking a bit about her life. I could list all of Amy’s accomplishments, but honestly, she’s just a hometown, Nashville girl who has lived an unbelievably exciting and redemptive life. We are honored that she’d be willing to join us! (Early registration for Storyline Nashville ends next week!)

Jamie will be joining us in Nashville and Santa Barbara

Joining us in both Nashville and Santa Barbara will also be Jamie Tworkowski. Jamie is a dear friend of ours who started the organization To Write Love on her Arms for which a film called Renee will be released later this year. Jamie is a humanitarian with a mission, helping thousands of kids and adults who struggle with depression and hopelessness writer better stories for their lives. You’ll be inspired to live a better story by hearing from Jamie.

Jeremy Cowart will be joining us in Santa Barbara

In Santa Barbara, our special guest is acclaimed photographer Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy has photographed both wealth and poverty, the famous and the marginalized and has helped millions see the world differently. Perhaps one of the most creative guys in the industry, we will talk to Jeremy about his many projects including Help Portrait, an organized effort in which photographers all over the world set up shop on a specific day and create head shots for those who can’t afford to have their picture taken. In a digital age of Facebook and online resume’s, this simple act has changed the lives of thousands.

Everybody we ask to be a special guest at Storyline is a friend. And those who come become friends, too. We are building a community, and we’d love for you to join us!



Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller has been telling his story for more than a decade, now he wants to help you tell yours. He’s helped over 1,000 companies clarify their message through the StoryBrand Workshops. For an introduction to what he’s doing now, check out the 5 Minute Marketing Makeover.

  • Anna

    Happy to say I will be at the Nashville Storyline. Looking forward to all that is in store, and to meeting a lot of amazing people. 🙂

    Bless you guys as you prepare for all the conferences!

    • Don

      we can’t wait, anna. it really is the hi light of my year. i wish i could do it every weekend. you’ll have a blast. see you soon.

  • This will be the perfect end to my sabbatical! I am so excited to come, learn and be overwhelmed by all that will take place. It is crazy how God has lined this event and its presenters up with what is going on in my life. Nashville!

    Much love,


  • I’ll be attending the Santa Barbara conference…I was a Westmont grad in 2008. Looking forward to it, and praying that all of the preparations go smoothly! As a biased alumnus, I can’t think of a better place to experience Storyline.

  • Kris

    Hey Don-

    Wish I lived closer to one of those conferences. I teach a lot of story to my video production classes and I LOVE your style. Also, last year I gave a copy of A Million Miles In a Thousand years to all my graduating seniors with a note inside. Bought about 40 copies last year, and probably will get about 50 copies this year. Love the message of making a great story out of the one life you’re given, and seeking what God’s story has in store to use us. Would love to connect sometime, if you ever have a chance! You have my email now :). Thank you for sharing and challenging me through your journey.


    • They are $6.40 on Amazon right now. I just bought some for my graduating seniors.

  • Susan M. Krueger Ford

    My oldest daughter was inspired to sign us both us for the Nashville Storyline conference just this week, after I took her to see Blue Like Jazz in Raleigh, NC during the bus tour. Since then she has read several of your books and took her husband to see BLJ in Cary, NC – opening weekend! Can’t wait… praying for you all as you prepare for all three conferences and for the continued success of the movie! See you all soon! Very excited about the special guests too!

  • Wow! I am even more excited now. I went to the first one you had so I wasn’t sure how different it would be, but goodness, it seems like it’s going to be a pretty amazing 2 days in Nash. Really looking forward to it.

  • I’m more excited every day for the Nashville conference. Got my copy of Bob Goff’s book in the mail yesterday, and I’m prepping for a LIFE-CHANGING event.

    I’m ready to change.

  • I’m super excited for the Portland Storyline and the great lineup of guests! Also thrilled to see “Blue Like Jazz”! (I suspected that would be on the agenda. I saw an early cut last summer at the Echo Conference down in Dallas and I can’t wait to see the finished product.) My friends and I are counting down the days until we drive down. See you in a few!

  • Cynthia Selden

    I signed up weeks ago for Nashville and I just can’t wait. I am so looking forward to this. I have always admired Amy Grant so thats just such a special bonus. These next two weeks are going to drag….. Your writing has always spoken to me and I have wanted to attend one of these conferences for so long. May God Bless you in all you do Donald Miller.

  • stacy

    I can’t wait for Nashville Storyline. Talked a few of my friends into going with me.
    Im 45 and Im looking forward to starting a new story in my life,starting with this trip!

  • Jared Shetler

    Super-stoked about Storyline Portland. Also got my copy of Bob’s book in the mail a couple days ago. Looking forward to hanging out in Portland, meeting Don and Bob, and interacting with other people. Also, seeing Blue Like Jazz (finally!!) will be a sweet bonus.

  • Amy

    Coming to Nashville Storyline – I’m really excited. Great lineup.

  • Megan

    After really wanting to go the last two years and being unable to, I took the week of work this year and will be attending the Portland conference. I’m a tiny bit nervous as I will be attending all by myself, but am really excitied for the experience. My husband and I were backers of the BLJ movie as well and I haven’t been able to see it yet, so totally looking forward to that, too! Many thanks for your writing, Don. Your books are like friends to me – they’ve helped, inspired and guided me through many things in my life. I’m grateful.

  • Deb Wilborn

    I would love to go to the Santa Barbara conference – it’s the closest to home. But the registration price is daunting… and knowing I’d have to also get a room and then pay for gas makes it impossible. We’re a one income family – I’m a stay-at-home mom who only works a few days a month. I do think it is something I might just have to save up for and do next year.

  • Rachel

    I’m so excited to have stumbled across Storyline, and just before the Portland conference! Deb – the registration fee was daunting to me as well, but what better way to face conflict head on than to sacrifice financially for an experience in our lives that will be of inestimable value? I know whatever it takes, I can’t miss this. 🙂

    • Deb Wilborn

      When it’s a choice between an experience and replacing the washing machine that just broke, I choose clean clothes, lol.

  • Deana

    I definitely wish to come to this, the timing for 2012 was just too flip flopped. My son graduates in May and I’ll be in Nashville during the Portland conference. I had a laugh with God over that one. This sounds like a wonderful conference and I will do my best to block it out first in 2013.

  • Amy

    Storyline Nashville was incredible. If you get the chance to go to a Storyline Conference, take it! You won’t regret it.