The Blog is on Pause for Storyline!

Donald Miller

If you live in or near Nashville or want to take a trip this weekend and join us at the Storyline Conference. A Storyline is a 65-page workbook containing three exercises and six modules that, once completed, will give you a full life plan. And add to that, the process is fun.

At Storyline our mission is to help people tell better stories with their lives. Our life-plan isn’t based on achieving the American dream but rather having a sense of fulfillment at the end of our lives when the credits roll.

At Storyline you’ll clarify your ambitions, prioritize your relationships and learn to manage them, anticipate conflict and learn to engage challenges rather than run from them, and envision climactic scenes that will be more powerful than setting goals.

Most of our goals aren’t reached because they lack a narrative context. Our brains don’t work like computers in the sense we can input a goal and output action. Instead, we are motivated and inspired when we find ourselves in the middle of a great story.

This coming Sunday we will be holding our first-ever Nashville Conference. And a month later we will be visiting beautiful Santa Barbara, California for our conference at Westmont University.

In Nashville we will be joined by special guests Jamie Tworkowski, Bob Goff and Amy Grant. You’ll be entertained and inspired.

Register today. Join us!

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller has been telling his story for more than a decade, now he wants to help you tell yours. He’s helped over 1,000 companies clarify their message through the StoryBrand Workshops. For an introduction to what he’s doing now, check out the 5 Minute Marketing Makeover.

  • Emily

    Don, do you think that in the future Storyline will be doing any conferences during the summer months? I am a high school teacher and coach, and an option to attend during June or July would be fantastic! I can’t wait until I get to come to one of these conferences! Thanks for all you do–

    • Don

      We are working on it, Emily. Sadly, our next conference looks like it will be in February, but we are booking more and more and are bound to do one this coming summer. But nothing on the calendar yet.

    • Emily,, I too am a teacher and coach and I have used it as part of my evaluation as , “how have you worked on improving yourself in regards to teaching and coaching?” kind of questions. I put it down as continuing Ed that I have paid for…which I consider it to be. I walked away with gobs of “stuff” that improved me as a coach and teacher.

      I know days are limited that we teachers can “take off” but just an encouragement in regards to the “completely worth it” factor. 🙂

  • Shelly W

    Highly recommend! I’m still referring to my conference notes. Well worth the time. Sign up!

  • Audrey

    Hey Don, I am working like mad to see if I can get my dad there. This conference is exactly what he needs. Do you know of any forums where we can post about sharing hotel rooms/rides? Thank you for the words you share.

  • Elvia

    Don, when will you have a Storyline Conference here in Texas? It would be wonderful if you did one “back home?”

  • Don,

    When are you going to have a Storyline Conf. in Oregon City? We are about 10 miles South of Portland. The oldest city West of the Rockies and Western plains. This is Storyville! I am running for President of Storyville. I expect to win. I will throw all my powers into making Storyline happen here at the very end of the Oregon Trail.

  • L-Boogie

    Will the workbook be available in your online store?

  • I was able to attend the Portland event and would highly recommend it to those willing to make an investment in their future. It is important to realize there is a bit of hard work involved that will roll into the following weeks. Great examples, great guests, great people creating a hospitable environment and a great presenter. Among my top five favorite experiences.

  • If you haven’t signed up for Storyline this year, do it. Worth every penny. Nashville was terrific!

  • JD

    Don – would love to hear your thoughts on the new short about Ken Burns on “story”:

  • Donald,
    I attended your Nashville STORYLINE CONFERENCE and have been blogging on the lessons. It is fabulous and I would like to know more about the on-line, small group versions you’ll have available in October.
    I just posted a composite of my 10 stories from the NASHVILLE Conference–hope everyone reads them and is inspired to sign up for Santa Barbara. Can’t recommend it more for bringing clarity to one’s life!

  • Kim

    Is the blog ever coming back? Needing a fix of thought provoking awesomeness from the beautiful mind of Don Miller over here in Australia. Kim 🙂