Two Resolutions for Being Productive

Donald Miller

I meet writers all the time who have talent. They can turn a phrase and reel the reader in. Their use of words is almost magical.

And yet, as the years go by, they fail to produce.

What’s the problem? I know it well, because I deal with it myself. You can think of it as a two-fold nemesis.

The challenge to every skilled professional is two-fold:

1. Focus: I always have three or four books going, plus speaking projects and a few online ideas. I am wired as a starter and though I’ve finished many projects, hundreds lay half complete in my graveyard of ideas. What’s the solution? Focus. Ideas are great, and we can fill a small journal with them. But lets just keep those little babies in the journal and not take a step until our current project is done. If you want to produce, we will need to focus.

2. Finish: A good writer finishes something. Good writers know projects are never really complete, but when they get good enough, they must be abandoned. And by abandoned, I mean hit print, ship it to the publisher and start the release process. How many books have not been finished because another idea came up? And why? Because writing books gets boring. Sorry, welcome to the real world. Work isn’t always fun. But noting great comes into the world without hard work, patience and endurance.

So, the two words for me over the next season are Focus and Finish.

How about you? Do you have trouble focussing on one project or seeing something through to completion? What tips would you give those of us who want to be more productive?

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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