Announcing Huge Changes to the Blog!

Donald Miller

We’re making huge changes to this blog and we can’t wait to announce them. For now, though, all the work we are doing is behind the scenes. Our plan is to show you what we’ve been working on on August 1st and we think you are going to love the changes. Here are some of the things you can expect:

• A brand new blog (It won’t even be at this address. The blog is moving!)

• Guest contributors. We are assembling a team of writers who will provide great content several times each week.

• The blog will have a full time staff helping to ensure great content and create a community around our interaction.

• A brand-new personal development guide from Don based on the Storyline Conference. But it’s more than a book. It’s a book, audiobook and interactive cloud-based software. We can’t wait.

• A special announcement about our next Storyline Conference that is going to blow your mind (Hint, keep February in mind as you make your winter plans. And make plans to meet up in a warm climate, too!)

We are transitioning this site from the personal blog of Donald Miller to a site emphasizing Storyline as an organization that helps people live better stories. And our plans are big.

Forgive our absence for a while, if you will. We promise to come back bigger, better, stronger and more helpful than ever.

See you back here on August 1st!


Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller has been telling his story for more than a decade, now he wants to help you tell yours. He’s helped over 1,000 companies clarify their message through the StoryBrand Workshops. For an introduction to what he’s doing now, check out the 5 Minute Marketing Makeover.

  • So excited about all of this. Awesome! Go big Don! Scotty

  • Jenny Arnez

    This sounds very exciting! I can’t wait learn more about the changes.

  • Cynthia Selden

    HOw Exciting. I can’t wait but until then,but how am I suppose to make it to August? In the meantime I will just wish you many blessings and hope(and of course pray) that things work out the way you want them to. God really has used you to be a blessing to many people. I can’t wait to see how he uses you in the future. I just wish August wasn’t so far away. (I know I’m whining) I guess I will have to spend more time working on writing my better story. Many Blessings to you Don.

  • Ian

    Don, sounds fantastic. Especially looking forward to the Storyline personal development guide as we who live on the other side of the world will be able access the content.


  • Alpha

    What’s happening with The Post-Evangelical? ( When will you guys launch it?

    • Yeah, I’ve been wondering that too. I’m excited for that! Any news?

  • Tim

    Sounds awesome! Looking forward to it.

  • Sounds great : ) I know your fans will miss seeing you on here, every day, but I like that you’re featuring other writers–giving them an opportunity to connect with your audience.

    I wish you all the best, in your new endeavor!

  • Keith Rowley

    Don’t want to be a downer, but I a fan of Don’s not necessarily of anyone else you might have post on the blog. I come here to read Don’s thoughts and I hope you give me the option to subscribe to continue just reading Don’s posts and no one else’s.

    Being one of Don’s early fans from back when he was touring to promote his first book Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance before most people ever heard of him, I will support Don in anything he chooses to do, but I still hate to loose this personal window into Don’s life and thoughts.

    • Mel

      I agree. 🙁 I feel like we’re losing the sense of intimacy with Don with these changes.

    • Agreed. Of course I wish Don the best, he’s doing good work, but it’s not as exciting being unable to experience him personally stirring the pot.

    • This feels like it’s being taken from Don. Is it being taken away or is he leaving it? I am so confused right now. What is going on with Don!?

  • Keith Rowley

    Ps I meant to say I AM a fan of Don’s, NOT I a fan. Silly iPhone keyboard.

  • Melanie


  • jacquie hoyes

    Sounds wonderful Don! Please keep Sydney / off shore peops in mind with new strategy! Thanks for all you do! Jacquie

  • Bianca

    So excited to see what the future holds! 🙂

  • Deb W

    “We fear change” – Garth

    I fear change. Thus, I feel you must bring it, sir. Bring the change. I will face my fears wholeheartedly.

    Yes, feeling very silly for writing that. Actually looking forward to the changes.

  • Super exciting! Sounds great! Can’t wait to get a feel for it when you launch! Thanks for working on this for your readers!

  • Sean

    Congratulations on writing a new story with your blog. One question…what will happen to the volume of blog posts that now exist on your blog? Will they still be accessible or will they simply go away?

    I’ve printed out quite a few that especially impacted my search/journey these past 3 years, and put them in a notebook out of concern that one day they would no longer be available to review. This is the catalyst for my question.
    All the best…

  • Cool!! This blog is on my bookmarks bar to check everyday. I’ve been admiring the Storyline conferences from afar and am very excited that the content will be accessible from anywhere (though I’d love to make it to one at some point). Excited about what’s to come!!

  • Just wanted to say that I too am going to miss hearing from Don. I miss the days when you blogged just about everyday and we got to get a glimpse of what was going on with you.

    Side note, I think the whole concept of story is amazing and I look forward to that as well, just wish you could do both.

  • Rachael

    So excited!Woot…Woot

  • This is exciting. Although, August 1st sounds like a decade away. Haha!

  • Just be sure to let us know where you are “going,” and we will follow – deal?!

  • This is a big development! I’m interested to see what it will be like, particularly item 4. I think I might miss the more personal-blog-type style, but I understand that’s not always practical. I know from experience that writing regular blogs takes a lot of energy!

  • As an occasional UK reader of the blog I’m with Keith on this one. I prefer reading personal blogs and come here to find out what Don is thinking rather than what an organisation is doing. So I hope it doesn’t get to be too corporate. Prove me wrong, guys.

    • sarah

      Agreed wholeheartedly.

  • It sounds like you’ve got some great plans and ideas happening. I’ve been following Michael Hyatt and he has something similar with guest bloggers, comment hosts, staff, etc. Keep it real and you’ll do great. I’ll stop by and check your progress. I agree with the comment above: don’t get too corporate. Stay focused on people, relationships and God.

  • hmmm…… kinda shocked to hear this. I wonder if the blog and career and meetings are forcing this change?

    I would be careful on this one. I am sure you are careful Re: this. How many people add that much change to a winning formula? It feels like you sat down with 6 people you admire and you all hammered out these new visions for the blog (platform)! If so . . . how many friends of yours objected to the changes?

    Holding back a good part of my opinion and any response generated by this news. If it is what you say it is . . . not sure I will be checking in everyday.

    Your neighbor

    • Actually . . . I likely will check in everyday because I do like so many of the guest bloggers you bring on.

      • Moderator: You can remove both of the above. I do not like either post and they were written late at night after a long day of moving friends to Central Oregon. My opinion is quite the opposite now.
        Sorry and Thank you! 🙂

  • Ben

    Sounds great – Looking forward to the storyline guide as well!

  • Martin

    You should write a new book, Don.

  • This is cool. I have been meaning to go to the conference for years but never could schedule the time. What’s pathetic about this is that I am from Stumptown living in B.C. say what? Look forward to it.