Sunday Morning Music, Steve Moakler

Tim Schurrer

Every so often you encounter someone who stands out among the crowd. Steve Moakler was that guy for me when I was introduced to him and his music four years ago. Not only has he become one of my favorite musicians, he encourages me to be more like Jesus with every conversation. I hope you enjoy “Play You Down” from his latest album, Watching Time Run.

-Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer

Tim Schurrer serves as the Director of Storyline. Learn more about Tim's story by visiting his website or by following along on Twitter (@timschurrer).

  • Shellybell

    Thanks Tim! Loved it…I already went to itunes. :)

  • Julia

    Loved the second song too! Thanks

  • Tamara Bishop

    Love this…gunna share.

  • Anna

    I have missed Sunday morning music. Glad to see it back. Enjoyed him!