Our Primary Goal is Love

Donald Miller

Recently, my teammate and I set a weekly ambition. Along with the usual goals to get things done, we also ask God to show us somebody this week who needs our love, as a company.

*Photo by Siobhán Silke, Creative Commons

The effort has been revitalizing. My Director of Branding, Tim Schurrer is a natural lover of people. He is constantly looking for somebody to help, and he’ll stop at almost nothing to help them.

I’ve learned something working with Tim, I’ve learned the bottom line of our weekly profit and loss statements are not as important as what God is calling us to do, which has nothing to do with earthly profitability.

Our primary ambition must be to love people in the name of Jesus, not so they will see we are right, but so they will see He is loving.

Lately, at the end of each week, Tim and I send a little email to each other saying where we saw needs and how we met them. Sometimes this fits within the category of customer service, but sometimes it has nothing to do with our business goals at all. And yet, the process further connects our ambitions to the eternal, giving our company a sense that it is much bigger and participating with something much greater than earthly survival.

What would it look like, in your business, to keep an eye out for people you encounter who need a kind word or a helping hand?

-Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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