The Power of a Good Story: How to Make 4-Billion Dollars for Writing on a Napkin

Donald Miller

Last week the Walt Disney company bought George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise for 4-billion dollars. For you and me, that means Star Wars lives on. In fact, Disney is already planning on releasing a 7th episode of the series in 2015.

In all the light sabers and dollar signs, though, it’s easy to miss what just happened. George Lucas sold a story. That’s all Star Wars is. It’s pure fiction. None of the events of Star Wars ever happened. The hard cost on the seed of the franchise was, well, nothing. It’s just some characters George made up one day on a napkin.

*Photo by Andres Rueda, Creative Commons

For that matter, the same is true for Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling sat down in a cafe one day and wrote a few lines about a young boy wizard. About ten years later and she was the highest paid novelist of all time.

So, the next time you sit down and think about the story you’re working on, let’s not think of it as mushy mind-mapping of no consequence. Stories may not be tangible, but they are most definitely “real” in a sense they play upon the world.

Your story probably isn’t going to be worth 4-billion or even 1-billion, but that’s not the point. The point is the story you are writing, telling, and living changes the world in dramatic ways. You’re likely getting tired of hearing us at Storyline talk about the power of story. But we aren’t tired of saying it. Stories matter, and the ones who learn to tell them and live them influence the world.

We just want the next group of influential storytellers to be the good guys. Our passion is to give great people the tools to tell great stories with their lives, both in fiction and non-fiction. We completely believe in this calling.

What story are you telling the world?

-Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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