The Most Powerful Decision Maker Isn’t the President. It’s THIS Person…

Donald Miller

For the last two years we’ve heard a host of candidates pitch their vision for America. They told us, over and over, what they’d do with the country if they were given executive power over the next four years. And while the Presidency is certainly a powerful position, the truth is there’s another executive whose vision will have a much greater impact over what happens in your life. That executive is YOU. You are the most powerful decision maker in your life. It’s your decisions that will decide what your life looks like four years from now.

I’m not a fan of giving away our agency. I know choosing good leaders is important, but I’m not handing my fate to a congressman or senator or President. What my life looks like four years from now is largely up to me. I believe firmly that God has given each of us the agency and ability to direct our own lives. Sadly, most people give that agency to politicians, pastors, spouses, self-help gurus and talk-show hosts. It’s ridiculous. It actually makes me angry.

Sometimes I think we gripe about our leaders as a way of avoiding the fearful truth that it’s our decisions that will make or break us. If our lives looks like crap four years from now, chances are it’s our own fault. Chances are we didn’t have a vision or a plan and we gave our “destiny” over to leaders who don’t even know us!

At Storyline, we’re trying to help really good people tell really good stories, and step one is taking responsibility for our lives. And taking responsibility doesn’t just affect you. It affects your family, your wife or husband, your kids, your friends and your community. Each day we spend on this earth gives us one less day to have an impact. And without a vision, we won’t have an impact at all.

We heard great speeches over the last four years, great plans laid out in detail and prose. But have you written your speech? Have you written your letter to yourself, to your family and to God explaining in detail what you’re going to do over the next four years. If you haven’t, you can count on a bunch of people who don’t know you or care about you dictating what’s going to happen in your life.

Just think about all the amazing things you could accomplish if you were the President of your own life. What would it look like for you to step into the executive position God has appointed for you?

Four years from now you may have adopted a child, you may have downsized your home or quit your job, you could have another degree, you could have written two or three or even four books. Four years from now you could be out of debt, your kids could be in college, you could have lost a hundred pounds or four-hundred pounds. Four years from now you could know another language, or even two. Four years from now you could be proficient in an instrument. Four years from now you could be running for congress yourself. What’s your vision? Why not be the President of your own life? Why not have a vision? Why not execute a plan?

Here are some steps to becoming our own President and stop giving our agency to leaders who don’t know us:

1. We must accept complete responsibility for our lives. There will be one dominant decision maker affecting your life over the next four years, and that decision maker is you.

2. Have a vision. Sit down and write what you’d like to accomplish over the next four years (or go through STORYLINE for crying out loud!). Write your vision down in detail. What will you look like? What do you want to learn? Where do you want to be financially? What kinds of lives do you want to affect? What habits do you want to get rid of? Write it all down.

3. Execute a plan. Take that vision and write down some practical steps. What can you do today to start working toward that vision? Do you need to quit your job, enroll in school, sell your car, become a foster parent, buy Rosetta Stone, start seeing a counselor? Take a step toward your vision today.

What do you want to have accomplished four years from now? Because four years from now is coming. And it’s coming fast.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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