What is the Real Problem in the World? Is it You or Them?

Donald Miller

Years ago I wrote an essay about how I discovered I am the real problem in the world. It was a major epiphany for me. The problem was within me and within you, too. My essay went on to discuss a theological understanding of the idea, namely we are all fallen creatures, desperate to be reunited with our maker. And our desperation was causing problems. Lots of them. Just watch the nightly news.

Years later I met Tom Shadyac and was delighted to find he’d taken a philosophical treatment of this realization far, and had even turned it into a film. Tom has his own faith and it resembles ours in many ways. I doubt we agree on everything. But what I love about Tom is he’s given good, hard thought to the idea he may be contributing to the problems in the world. He spells it out wonderfully in his film, I Am.

If you’ve not seen the film, you can rent it most places online.

Many of our readers are Christians but do not attend church. I encourage you to start communities of your own and simply “be” the church. One of the things you can do is to just watch Tom’s film and discuss it. I think the conversation might be incredible.

Watch it with your friends, if you will. And ask yourselves some hard questions:

1. Am I contributing to solutions that make the world better?
2. Do I really believe I’m part of the problem in the world?
3. Where do I see hope operating in the world?
4. How can I be in the world but not of it? And what does that even mean?

That said, if you’re coming to Storyline, don’t watch it just yet. Tom is going to join us. I’ll interview Tom, then we’ll watch his film (our first night activity) and then we’ll do a Q and A with Tom. I can’t wait. He’s brilliant, unbelievably kind, thoughtful and a heck of a filmmaker.

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Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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