Love People and They’ll Love You Back – One Dog’s Perspective on the Nature of Man


People think it’s funny I love people so much. But the truth is, I love them because they seem to love me. How can I not love them back?

The thing about love is it’s a give and take. Certainly not everybody you love is going to love you back, but if you freely give love, your percentage chance of being loved back goes way up. Seriously, I’m living proof.

I know a lot of dogs that growl at people and I notice people don’t like them much. But if you are genuinely excited about people, genuinely amazed they just walked into the room, it’s like they come alive for you. They’ll reach down and scratch you behind your ears or kneel down and grab your face in their hands and talk to you like you’re a baby. It’s brilliant.

I spent a little time thinking about it and basically I think people just want to be reminded they are important. And how could they not be? They’re people, for crying out loud. They’re amazing. They’re walking miracles. They can use words and language and tools. They can pick up things with their hands. They exchange love in a way second only to God. If they truly knew how amazing they were, they’d greet each other just as happily as I do.

Here’s another thing: Attitude is basically a mirror. People are about as excited to see you as you are to see them. For sure there are exceptions, but for the most part, this is a rule. Why do most people like me? It’s because I pull at the leash to greet them on the street, I smile huge when I approach them, I fully accept their love in return, I cuddle with them when they sit on the couch, I sit and shake when they want me to and if anybody tries to hurt them I go ballistic. I am in love with most people I meet. I am even in love with people who abuse me. I have no ego. But try to hurt a person I love, and I’ll rip you to shreds.

And that’s why most people love me. Try it, I bet they’ll love you too.

Love people and, for the most part, they’ll love you back.



Lucy Miller is Don’s chocolate Lab. She is six years old. She likes to chase squirrels and does not have a sin nature. She blogs when she feels like it but does not emotionally respond to positive or negative comments.