“Who Did God Wire You To Be?” by Bob Goff

Bob Goff

Have you ever considered that we are the best evidence of God’s creative expression? Forget snowflakes; just look at your friends.

The Bible wasn’t all about getting everybody lined up in order, thinking the same way about the same things. The religious people of the day thought that they had things figured out with rules upon rules, but they missed the point. Some religious people still do that today. They act as if the Bible is a code of conduct; but it’s not. Instead, it’s a narrative about Jesus’ authority and the opportunity to do life with Him. The Bible also isn’t about getting people to become Christians. It is the story about a God who made the world; how He interacted with it; how His creation drifted away from Him; and how God made a path back to Himself through Jesus.

*Photo by Richard Corfield, Creative Commons

I think that we all come from the factory with a wiring harness of sorts. One person has a green, blue and yellow wire. The other has pink, red and orange ones. When you get married, you twist the two sets of different colored wires together and then spend the first couple years figuring out what all the wires do. It can be a steep learning curve. You press the wrong one early on and learn NOT to press that wire ever again.

I think that what we need to do is to live into the wiring harness which is uniquely ours. There are so many people who seem to be trying to live another person’s set of wires. Wires they don’t understand; ones which don’t belong to them. Sometimes I see people trying to carry fresh ideas on old outdated wires and sometimes wasting new wires on old ideas. No wonder there are so many people confused. They have ignored their own set of wires and so they start replacing their colors with someone else’s colors.

Getting engaged in life isn’t about having a bunch of guys trying to man up; or having them build a fire, get naked and dance around it. What we need to do is just live fully into the adventure of life. But not in an artificial way. It’s not about climbing mountains, launching out on a hedonistic bender, eating beef jerky with the guys and telling manly stories. It’s simply about getting after the “do” part.

I get so inspired when I hear all of the different ways that people are living out thier own wiring harnesses. It usually involves creativity and faith going airborne at the same time. What a fantastic combination of wires.

What is it that you were wired to do? And how, in big and small ways are you getting to the “do” part?

Bob Goff

Bob Goff

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