“Sunday Morning Music – Foy Vance” by Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes

From Storyline:
We’re changing the way we approach our Sunday Morning Music posts. For the next several months, these posts will be authored by artists so you can get a glimpse into what inspires them. We hope you enjoy today’s post from our friends, Dave Barnes.

It’s a song we all know. Those three chords, followed by possibly one of the most signature guitar licks of all time. All piss and vinegar. All scowls and distortion. Sounds like AC/DC were picking a fight with the world.

A song we all know, but not like this. Not with that backbeat. Not with THOSE vocals. Now it’s Motown. Now it’s a furrowed brow from the funkiness, not from the angst. It’s still a shotgun blast, but it’s pointed somewhere else.

And here, sung by Foy Vance. Part two of the tour de force. If you don’t know about Foy, now you do. This is not his song, obviously, but it’s debatable from the delivery. A FREAK of a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland. PLEASE check out his other stuff. Ridiculous. Has a song called “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” that would make Chuck Norris cry.

This is one of the reasons I love music so much. If you don’t like this song, maybe now you do. Or maybe if you loved it, now you don’t. But either way, the song is a completely different thing in someone else’s hands. Music is a malleable thing.

And now, this.


Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes

This is a guest post by Dave Barnes. Purchase his latest album, Stories to Tell, on iTunes and make sure to follow along on Twitter (@davebarnesmusic) for regular updates.