The Truth About Worrying

Donald Miller

I had a pretty good revelation the other day and it was this:
Things almost always turn out fine.

It was a good time for me to have that revelation because I’d just sat down to write when I got a call reminding me about an appointment I’d completely forgotten. I’d have to rush out the door to make it, forfeiting my writing session. And I hate forfeiting my writing sessions.

On the subway, I had a bad attitude. I thought about how I was going to get behind on the book and how I resented having to keep this appointment. Then it hit me: These things always turn out fine. I had plenty of hours on the other side of the appointment to write and by no means was the day ruined.

*Photo by Alex Barth, Creative Commons

I confess there are times I play the victim and count the ways my life can’t be good. But it’s hardly true. Things almost always turn out fine.

The rest of the day went fantastic. I kept the appointment and loved it and went home and had a great evening working on my book. So I’m going to use it as a mantra from now on. Things almost always turn out fine.

Had a fight with your wife? What if you went into the next conversation believing everything was going to be okay? How would it affect your attitude and thus her response?

Out of money? I guess we can either panic or realize it’s going to be a tough season, but in the end it will turn out fine.

Honestly, I think I spend more time worrying about things that never happen than I do realizing things mostly turn out okay.

So that’s your daily happy moment with Don. Back to the deeper stuff soon.

But seriously, things really do almost always turn out fine. Right?

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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