What Are the Unforgivable Sins of the False Gods?

Donald Miller

Whatever culture you involve yourself in, there will be unforgivable sins. An unforgivable sin, in cultural speak, is that thing that makes everybody in the room want to run from you if you so much as speak it or identify with it. It’s that thing everybody in the room hates. And the thing everybody in the room hates changes by the room.

Unforgivable sins are not only reserved for religious people.

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Here are some “unforgivable sins” from the various skewed moralities of various cultures:

    Popular American Culture: Being fat or uncool.

    Liberal American Culture: Not thinking about the underdog.

    Conservative Political Culture: Hindering those who are strongest and most motivated and educated from “getting and providing more.”

    Liberal Political Culture: Hindering the marginalized from “getting and providing.”

    Christian Evangelical Culture: Trying to change a traditional and conservative “American version” of truth and morality.

    Postmodern Culture: Thinking the traditional version of truth is actually true.

    Environmental Culture: Believing people are more important than other living matter.

    Linear Thinking Culture: Coming to conclusions by feeling rather than thinking.

    Republican Culture: Agreeing with a Democrat about anything.

    Democratic Culture: Agreeing with a Republican about anything.

    Jesus Culture: Nothing is unforgivable.

God says, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

I like the Jesus culture the most.

The others seem partially true, but not very forgiving.

God have mercy on us all.

What are some other unforgivable sins we left out? Let’s make a list.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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