Sunday Morning Sermon – Bono on Fame, Faith and Steering Clear of Religious Folks

Donald Miller

Each Sunday Morning we feature a sermon from an unlikely source. Today, the frontman from U2.

If Bono weren’t a rock star, he might be a good writer. Without question, he’d write about faith and without question he’d help all of us articulate and understand the mystery of God with a paradoxical clarity. This is a long interview but it’s encouraging.

Bono does not claim to be a Christian and in this interview rejects the label while comfortably and shamelessly taking a stand for scripture, prayer and his faith in Christ. I’m with him as I now see Christianity as a word that has come to mean so many different things to so many different people that, in a way, it’s lost its meaning. I think he’s wise, in ways, to steer clear of the term.

It’s rare to find a believer who can talk about his faith so solidly without crossing anybody’s personal boundaries and becoming the equivalent of an evangelical “close talker” (by that I mean a person who talks about God in such a way it makes you feel they’re crowding your personal space or in need of you to agree with them because their own identity is threatened.)

It’s a long interview. Bono addresses his faith at minute 43, but the entire interview is good. Have a great Sunday morning.

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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