Sunday Morning Sermon – Jay Z on the Paranoia of Not Being a Good Dad

Donald Miller

So the sermon this morning is pretty short. And it’s also an advertisement. But what I love about this short clip is that Jay Z is opening up about three things:
1. Not having a father around
2. Being worried he doesn’t know how to treat a woman and
3. He won’t be a good father.

My guess is this vulnerability and honesty alone is 90% of the battle. But what a freaking incredible thing for him to talk about in an ad. I’ll get the album for sure.

On this Sunday morning, though, I’m wondering if culture isn’t moving away from the tough guy “take a stand” nonsense that has created an army of fake men and we aren’t being led by true seekers into something more real and true, and in my opinion, a clearer path to Jesus, who is accessed through vulnerability and a heart willing to be honest.

Much to talk about in this 45 seconds.

Also, who’s the bearded dude? How can I get his job? Isn’t the patient supposed to lay on the couch? Freaking dream job. I’ll listen to you, Jay Z. And I shave!

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

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