A Simple Example of Redeeming What’s Been Broken

Mike Foster

I love music. And I love pianist Nils Frahm.

Recently, Nils broke his thumb. Which is really bad news for a professional pianist.

He had shows to do. Commitments to fulfill. Projects to complete. And now a much needed thumb was broken and in a cast.

So for a few days he felt pathetic. He spent a couple more days of feeling sorry for himself. He had the right to be down in the dumps about this whole situation.

But Nils decided to do something unexpected … he began to write some piano songs. Against his Doctors orders, Nils composed 9 beautiful piano solos with his 9 working fingers. Minus the broken thumb of course. (You can listen to what he created here. It’s awesome!)

The lesson for us all: Take what you got (even if it’s broke) and make something beautiful.

Mike Foster

Mike Foster

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