Why The Storyline Conference is “Pay What You Want”

Donald Miller

I’ll admit I’m not one to believe I’m hearing from God very often, at least not in a specific sense. But there have been a few times when I’ve felt an urge or “call” from God to move a certain direction. Usually, whatever it is, feels a bit crazy.

Last year, while we were considering raising prices for the Storyline Conference, I felt like God was telling me to make the conference accessible to more, not less people by allowing people to pay what they wanted.

It didn’t seem logical or reasonable at the time. It wouldn’t make sense in a math equation or on a pie chart. But if I’ve learned anything from God asking me to do crazy things, its when I choose to step out in faith, good things happen.

This is the upside-down nature of the Kingdom of God.

So we did it. And it worked.

*Photo by Daniel Robinson

Our Nashville conference sold out and amazingly it was actually financially sustainable! And not only this but it was a larger and more diverse crowd than we’d ever had. The room felt electric and by the end we’d hosted our best conference ever.

We loved the experience so much we are doing it again.

Literally, if you go to the Storyline Conference registration page, you can charge your credit card for an amount that seems right for you and you’re registered. Just like everybody else, you get the Conference Workbook, small group guides and even free coffee and snacks.

We’re really doing it again and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve not experienced The Storyline Conference, join us this February. You’ll leave with a completely remodeled perspective on your life, and you’ll likely leave with a lot more friends.

There are a few bonuses if you pay the recommended price, because that helps others who can’t afford it. But anybody can truly participate at any price.

At Storyline, you’ll:

  •  Hear me and about five other guest speakers talk about telling a meaningful story in your faith, family and career.
  • Gain an incredible sense of clarity about what you want to do with the rest of your life.
  •  Meet inspiring people who’ve come from all over the country.
  • Laugh. A lot.
  • Complete an entire workbook of interactive exercises that will help you get out of any rut you’re in.
  • Learn to redeem any hard experience you’ve gone through so it no longer holds you up.
  • Be reminded that the God who loves you is still interacting with you and wants your story to be meaningful.

…and we’ve got a few surprises planned, too.

The reviews so far have been incredible. We hope you can make it. Register today!

Donald Miller

Donald Miller

Donald Miller is all about story. He's helped thousands overcome a sense of meaninglessness by helping them create their Storyline life plan. If you're struggling with a sense of meaningless, pick up Storyline today. After studying story for years and successfully using the elements of story to engage customers, Don created StoryBrand, a process any business owner or marketing team can go through to create a communication script that will increase sales. Don is also the creator of the Storyline Productivity Schedule, a free daily schedule using modern psychology to increase a person's productivity. Don believes getting your story straight changes everything. Follow Don on Twitter (@donaldmiller). To read more of his posts on the Storyline Blog, click here.