What to Remember in the Dead of Winter

Al Andrews

I don’t do well with the sun going down early, dark cloudy days, and the lack of green. It’s also the season of my darkest hours in years past, and the reminder of it all sometimes settles in like a heavy fog. As the winter progresses, something in me always needs a sign, begs for a sign, of hope.

You Don’t Have to Be Defined By Your Worst Day

Al Andrews

Now and then I’ve had the privilege of going on a caper with Bob Goff. That’s what he calls it when we do something a bit out of the ordinary. (Note: Most everything Bob does is a caper!) I’ve been with him to a meeting with 90 witchdoctors, inside the largest prison in Uganda, and way too close to some wild baboons.

The Smell of Hope

Al Andrews

Now and then, someone will tell me a story that I can’t shake. My mind plays with it, turning it over and over until something grows out of it. Here is one such story. It was the backcountry of Alaska. My friend and a buddy had killed an elk. Because fresh kills attract bears, they […]

Who You Should Date After a Hard Break Up

Al Andrews

My mind immediately kicked in to my college days. I would have recommended a daily Bible reading, preferably in the morning, pray, getting in a small group, and finding a church that he liked. As I was thinking about saying something like this, I felt bored. Instead, I blurted out, “I think you need to date Jesus.”

What You’ll Find When You Stop Running

Al Andrews

Our fears lead us to lonely and crazy places. We often run from the wrong things. Sometimes we end up fighting ridiculous battles against imagined enemies. Often what we fight or evade are the very things destined to bless us.

What We Can Learn From Celebrities’ Failures

Al Andrews

On the way to work this morning, I drove by them—twenty turkey vultures, sitting by the side of the road. Five of them were huddled over a dead fawn in the ditch, digging at it furiously, picking the carcass clean. The rest were gathered nearby, impatiently waiting their turn. It’s a gruesome scene, but all […]

What To Say When Everything Is Not “Fine”

Al Andrews

She came up to me while I was in line at the bakery. I hadn’t seen her for years. “Hi Al!” she said. “Is life treating you great?” The way she asked it, there was only one acceptable answer. I wish you could have seen the contortions my mind was going through in the several seconds between her question and my answer. I knew there were a couple of options for my response.

What Are You Telling Yourself That Isn’t True?

Al Andrews

Let’s face it – we all make stuff up! While we have legitimate questions — Why didn’t they call back? Why wasn’t I invited? I wonder why I wasn’t chosen for this or that? — we often answer them with a negative and active imagination.

Is Your Life Boring All Your Friends?

Al Andrews

Last week, looking out the back window of our house, I saw our dog Hobbs standing over the carcass of a possum. He was sniffing it cautiously and had a “what do I do now?” look about him. Finally, he walked away, disappointed with the end of his chase. As he was leaving, I saw […]

Why Jesus Invites the Wrong People to the Party

Al Andrews

I have a confession to make that may make some of you dismiss me as having neither taste nor class.  Judge me if you will:



I said it.

Refusing To Die Before Your Time

Al Andrews

Recently my sons and I went to a soccer match in Upton Park, England (they call it football there). The game was between West Ham United and Arsenal. Arriving early, we enjoyed food from street vendors that would make a cardiologist weep.

Soon we made our way to our seats and as the stadium filled, a man sat next to me. He was in his 60s, dressed warmly in a long, dark coat with a scarf around his neck. He looked toward the field with a blank stare.