What I Learned About Parenting When My Sons Left the Nest

Al Andrews

This is the season that sons and daughters, after graduating from high school, are moving out of the house. Some are going to work, and others are going to college. But they are leaving the place that has been their home, their nest, for 18 years. A few weeks ago, my wife and I delivered […]

Why Your Anxiety is Probably Unwarranted

Al Andrews

I used to have a phobia. Any time a warning light began to blink on the dashboard of my car, a low black cloud descended upon me and I began to sink into anxiety and depression. My mind filled with worst-case scenarios, emptying my bank account.

There was a time in my life (let’s just call it my Denial Decade) when I would put a piece of black tape over the blinking light so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

The reason for all this anxiety was this:

I knew absolutely nothing about anything that resides under the hood of a car. (For years I thought a McPherson Strut was some kind of Irish dance.) Thus, whenever I took my car in for repairs, I had this look on my face […]

Something To Remember When Social Media Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Al Andrews

I’m not what you would call a social media pro. I am to all things social media what a flip phone is to an iPhone. While I do have a Facebook account, I rarely look at it. My colleagues at my office check it and tell me if there is something I need to know. […]

In Order To Live, People Need Open Spaces And Here’s Why

Al Andrews

When my sons were much younger, our family took a road trip to New York City. It was a great adventure, eating our way through the city, taking in all of the predictable sights, and enjoying a couple of shows. In the middle of our trip, we took an excursion to Central Park, cycling through […]

What You’re Missing When You’re A Perfectionist

Al Andrews

A few nights ago, I was surfing through television channels, and I came upon a gymnastics competition and broke out into a cold sweat. Here’s why. Back in 2012, I spent way too much time watching Olympic gymnastics. I cheered at victories, got teary over the back-stories, and yelled mature things like “We were robbed!” […]

Couples Who Stay Together Follow This One Rule

Al Andrews

Now and then, a young couple comes to me for pre-marital counseling. Over the years, I’ve tried to come up with a few things to talk about that might be meaningful and interesting. I do this somewhat reluctantly, knowing full well they’re so ga-ga about one another, there is only a slim chance they’ll remember […]

The Significance of How You Tell Your Story

Al Andrews

It was our eldest son’s 21st birthday, and our family had gathered for a celebration. Before dinner, we were sitting in the living room when Hunter pulled up his sleeve, proudly displaying a motorcycle tattoo on his forearm, a gift from his roommate (who I plan to give a pony!)

In a not-so-great moment of fatherhood, I blurted out, “Please tell me that is a henna tattoo.” It was not.

What to Remember in the Dead of Winter

Al Andrews

I don’t do well with the sun going down early, dark cloudy days, and the lack of green. It’s also the season of my darkest hours in years past, and the reminder of it all sometimes settles in like a heavy fog. As the winter progresses, something in me always needs a sign, begs for a sign, of hope.

You Don’t Have to Be Defined By Your Worst Day

Al Andrews

Now and then I’ve had the privilege of going on a caper with Bob Goff. That’s what he calls it when we do something a bit out of the ordinary. (Note: Most everything Bob does is a caper!) I’ve been with him to a meeting with 90 witchdoctors, inside the largest prison in Uganda, and way too close to some wild baboons.

The Smell of Hope

Al Andrews

Now and then, someone will tell me a story that I can’t shake. My mind plays with it, turning it over and over until something grows out of it. Here is one such story. It was the backcountry of Alaska. My friend and a buddy had killed an elk. Because fresh kills attract bears, they […]

Who You Should Date After a Hard Break Up

Al Andrews

My mind immediately kicked in to my college days. I would have recommended a daily Bible reading, preferably in the morning, pray, getting in a small group, and finding a church that he liked. As I was thinking about saying something like this, I felt bored. Instead, I blurted out, “I think you need to date Jesus.”