How To Fail And Still Win, A Guide To Not Losing Your Cool

Donald Miller

I like those television documentaries on the NFL channel called “A Football Life.” I especially like the ones about coaches. I learn something new with every coach who is profiled.

Whether they’re a coach or player, though, I’ve noticed something each successful person has had in common: They lose well.

Why People Are Drawn to Simplicity Over Truth

Donald Miller

The truth is people aren’t drawn to truth, they’re drawn to simplicity. Recent research from Harvard suggests that customers don’t necessarily buy the best products, they buy the products that are the easiest to understand and the easiest to purchase.

How Stuff Gets Created

Donald Miller

I’m learning the fruit of my creative effort often ripens instantly. I’ll sit down and get thousands of words, but then a week later, working with the same discipline, will have nothing. But my job is not to make the words come. Who am I to make the words come?

Do You Know What the Voice of Jesus Sounds Like?

Donald Miller

In John chapter ten Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd. To those listening, His language is vague. They want to know who is right and who is wrong, who gets into heaven and who doesn’t, and they want to be able to measure the metrics. Jesus doesn’t give them anything they can use to judge that sort of thing, at least not in this chapter (elsewhere, He says if you love me you will obey me). But here, Jesus simply says that He is the Good Shepherd, and the sheep will know His voice.

Some Thoughts on Self Promotion and Why Arrogant People Think it’s Wrong

Donald Miller

As a somewhat cynical twenty-something, I looked down on people who promoted their work. To me, they were walking infomercials, always selling something. On a deeper level, I may have thought of these people as lacking humility or not trusting in God to provide.

Times have changed, though, and now I’m that guy. About once a week I’m criticized for promoting my books (haven’t done that in about two years though) or our movie, or the Storyline conference. About every fifth blog is an invitation to take part in something I’m doing. But I don’t feel arrogant about it at all.

What To Do With Pain

Donald Miller

The older I get, the more I appreciate pain. I’m not a masochist by any stretch because I don’t like pain any more than the average person. And yet I’ve come to appreciate it.

In years past, when I’d go through a hard time, I’d run from it. I’d try not to feel it or deal with it. But these days, I’ve learned the only way life can actually get better is if I face reality, face my mistakes and liabilities and somehow correct or at least acknowledge them.

What Kind of People Follow Manipulators?

Donald Miller

In Harriet Braiker’s book Who’s Pulling Your Strings? she teaches readers how to smell out manipulative people. That book, along with a few years studying the Enneagram have completely changed how I view the world. The leaders I choose to follow are much less dynamic and charismatic than they used to be.

In light of the mega-church scandals happening in which a couple dynamic pastors have been revealed as shady and deceptive, I’ve wondered how in the world people didn’t see it from the beginning? But of course I already know the answer to that question: It’s because the people who follow those pastors are so sweet and kind.

How Controlling People Use Fear To Manipulate

Donald Miller

My favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie isn’t The Sixth Sense, it’s his lesser-known movie, The Village. I like it because it reminds me the stuff most people are afraid of in life isn’t worth fearing.

The story starts in a rural village in a time that seems a little confusing. There are no cars, no power tools, no electricity, and everybody’s clothes are hand made. There seem to be no roads into the village and no outside communication. As an audience, we assume the story takes place in the late 1800’s.

The Two Kinds of Heretics

Donald Miller

For centuries the term heretic has been thrown around as an ace card by theologians and pastors and, lets face it, twenty something seminarians as though the term should stop us in our tracks.

The older I get, though, the more I see the term being used to defend territories of thought rather than to truly protect us from misguided interpretations of scripture. It’s become a term tribes use to defend their tribal security.

What Are the 3 Things That Create a Meaningful Life?

Donald Miller

Years ago a psychologist named Viktor Frankl stood up to Sigmund Freud. Freud was teaching what man wanted most in life was pleasure. But Frankl believed man wasn’t seeking pleasure as much as he was seeking a deep sense of meaning.

In fact, he went on to say “When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.”

Four Tips on Tackling Jealousy

Donald Miller

If you have a competitive personality, which almost always serves a person who does, there’s often a dark side, and that is jealousy.

But jealousy is a cancer. Jealousy is really a…