4 Reasons for Optimism in Today’s World

Justin Zoradi

There is a lot of bad news out there. If you turn on the TV, the stories on the news describe grim economic times, a world at war, the breakdown of society, and a pending zombie apocalypse.

This type of news messes with our belief systems. More than anything it makes us afraid. Unless bomb shelters count, scared people don’t create much. They don’t create because they are pre-occupied with protecting what is closest to them. This is […]

What Your Instagram Feed is Keeping You From

Justin Zoradi

I could theorize and offer scientific evidence all day long. I can give you source after source, anecdote after anecdote on why our obsession with our phones is killing us. But here’s the real truth: Your fixation with your phone is killing your ability to do work that matters. While your phone harbors many tools for good, when you get caught in its tractor beam, you’re in for a swamp of time sucking molasses.

How To Grow Your Confidence In One Easy Step

Justin Zoradi

I’ll confess: I struggle with my confidence. Perhaps you can relate.

As someone leading an organization with a large vision, being confident in the way I share our story and raise support is a crucial piece to my work. But after all these years […]

A Way Out Of Worry And Anxiety

Justin Zoradi

Back in 2014, the company I founded, These Numbers Have Faces, went through a major stage of great growth. And while growth is something we all wish for with companies, I found the maintenance of it all really challenging. For months I was waking up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat. I […]

Why I Strive to Be As Narrow Minded As Possible

Justin Zoradi

The people, companies, brands, and organizations I respect most have one unique thing in common: A laser focus. I believe a laser focus enables people to be less stressed and make better decisions about their work. And when they’re less stressed and make better decisions, they produce better results. If you have the privilege of […]

The Real Key To Success (And Why Talent Is Overrated)

Justin Zoradi

Each summer, about twelve hundred young American men and women arrive at the United States Military Academy at West Point to begin four years of study. But before any of them sees a classroom, they go through seven weeks of Cadet Basic Training. By the time the summer ends, 1 in 20 of these talented, dedicated young adults will drop out.

A group of researchers wanted to understand why some students continued on the road toward military mastery and the others got off at the first exit. Was it physical strength and athleticism? Intellect? Leadership ability? Well-roundedness? […]

9 Important Tips for Sometimes Writers

Justin Zoradi

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably a lot like me. You want to write, maybe dream of launching a blog or completing a book, but you don’t have the liberty to write for a living – at least not yet. Below are the top nine tips, ideas, and concepts that have helped me get going, complete projects, build a writing structure, and keep momentum.

Are You Going Through Hell Right Now?

Justin Zoradi

Build your own green folder. Allow it to become your spiritual and emotional survival kit. It’s not out of the norm to keep a first aid kit in your car or a few gallons of water in your basement for an emergency. We should follow the same guidelines for our souls. In your times of mental clarity and hopefulness, file away the quotes, phrases, verses, prayers and letters of encouragement you know you will need in times of disbelief and despair.

The One Thing We Need to Organize is The One Thing We Overlook

Justin Zoradi

I’m not the hardest working person in my industry, not even close. I don’t get up at 5:00am to bike 30 miles. I don’t drink wheatgrass everyday. I don’t put in 60 hours a week at the office.

I’m ambitious, sure, but my goal isn’t to be the best, or even the most successful. My goal is to have staying power. Through rain, sleet, and snow, I aim to outlast everyone.

This Is How Ordinary People Change The World

Justin Zoradi

Largely unnoticed in European history books is the tiny French village of Le Chambon. Mountainous, impoverished, and easily overlooked, the small town of Le Chambon represents a miracle of compassion.

During the four years of the German occupation of France in the 1940’s, this sleepy town assisted nearly five thousand Jews, most of them children, to navigate Nazi-occupied France into neutral Switzerland. Under the leadership of a local minister named Andre Trocme, hundreds of ordinary Chambonnais risked certain death to rescue, house, and forge identities for the Jewish refugees of World War II.

How Being Too Competitive Too Early Can Hurt You

Justin Zoradi

I know nothing about physics. My science journey ended in high school after a generous B minus in Chemistry my junior year.

But I was fascinated last week to read the story of Nobel Prize winning physicist, Peter Higgs.

Nearly five decades ago, a young Peter Higgs theorized that there was a particle that acts as the building blocks of the universe. He believed that a subatomic particle must exist that made matter clump together to form everything around us today.

His theory hinged on the existence of a so-called “God Particle” and while his ideas were good, they couldn’t be proven. Until now.