The Painful Truth About the Situation in Israel

Donald Miller

Less than a week ago, BBC journalist Jihad Misharawi’s 11-month old son Omar was killed by an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip. A picture of Jihad and his son was featured last week on the cover of the Washington Post, bringing new attention to an old struggle that seems to only be getting worse.

Rockets have been going back and forth from Gaza into Israel and from Israel into Gaza now for several years. This is not a new situation but it is escalating to a level we’ve not seen in nearly four years.

Only last month a group of journalists and I visited Israel and stood on a hill overlooking the wall separating Israel from Gaza. From our viewpoint we could…

What if You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life?

Donald Miller

I’ve been taking people through the Storyline process for about four years now. The process helps people clarify their ambitions and take next steps. But a consistent question I get is…

The Real Enemy to Creativity is You

Donald Miller

Writing gets harder, not easier. It’s all battling demons, you know. The first book was such an easy one, then Blue was easy, too, looking back. I might have thrown away one chapter for every ten. Now it’s the opposite. I throw away five to ten chapters for every one that makes it into a book. The whole thing is melodrama from beginning to end.

It takes years now to write a single chapter worth publishing. It’s all because of…

The Most Powerful Decision Maker Isn’t the President. It’s THIS Person…

Donald Miller

For the last two years we’ve heard a host of candidates pitch their vision for America. They told us, over and over, what they’d do with the country if they were given executive power over the next four years. And while the Presidency is certainly a powerful position, the truth is there’s another executive whose vision will have a much greater impact over what happens in your life. That executive is YOU. You are the most…

How an Invitation to Tea Curbed a Slew of Suicide Attempts

Al Andrews

About 40 years ago, Don and his wife, Moya, bought a house overlooking Sydney Harbor. It’s an area called, “The Gap,” and their dream home had stunning views of the cliffs and the water. What they didn’t know when they bought the house was that…

Stop Waiting For God To Tell You What To Do With Your Life

Justin Zoradi

A friend told me that while he hated bussing tables at the restaurant where he was working, he was still waiting for God to tell him what to do with his life. He believed that if he was patient enough and did his work well, eventually God would reveal his true calling.

I told him I don’t think God works like that…

In Life, Move Through the Fear Rather Than Around It

Donald Miller

Earlier today I spent an hour walking down a beach talking a friend down from his ledge. He was about to go through a frightening experience. He was going into a meeting in which a thousand things could go wrong. There was much at stake – His job, an important relationship, his dignity and his pride.

As I listened, I could tell he was…

How I Use

Donald Miller

Years ago I created a life plan and have rarely had a foggy day since. It happened when I discovered Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and began planning my life like a story. The process brings me clarity and focus every day. I’d say I’m more healthy today than I’ve ever been, and I owe it all to thinking and planning in the form of narrative.

I plan all the big stories of my life using…

The Deception of Urgency

Donald Miller

Next week I’ll leave Bainbridge Island for the mainland. I’ve been here a month, transitioning from the Storyline book to a new book that will come out next year. I came up to get away from the city and the temptations that keep me from writing.

If you’d have asked me when I…

The 5 Steps to Writing a Book

Donald Miller

I’ve read many books about writing. My favorites are William Zinsser’s On Writing Well, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. All terrific books.

I thought, then, I’d share my five step plan for…