Sunday Morning Sermon — Our Story Needs Friendship

Darrell Vesterfelt

This blog is built on the idea that we are all apart of a story. It is the theme that has driven all of us to engage in this community; through blog posts, books and attending conferences (that feel more like family gatherings really).

Sunday Morning Sermon — Where Are You Going To Find Happiness?

Darrell Vesterfelt

It is easy to focus on our current circumstances to the point we lose site of some of the most important things.

After watching this video about an 80-year-old grandmother named Betty, I realized it’s the simple things in life that really matter. Her outlook on life is to be happy despite battling cancer.

Sunday Morning Sermon — When We Realize Our Doubt is Beautiful

Darrell Vesterfelt

I have never met a Christian who hasn’t at some point had doubt about their faith.

I love the view that Madeleine L’Engle shares in this video. When we are doubters, furious at God, we are actutually close to Him. It is something I haven’t thought about much, and it isn’t something I have heard taught frequently.

Sunday Morning Sermon — Endless Grace

Darrell Vesterfelt

Forgiveness is one of the biggest principles communicated in the gospel message, yet it continues to be one of the hardest to practice in my everyday life.

The story below is of a young woman who faced her mother’s killer and chose forgiveness instead of countless other and easier options. I have so little to say about this video because I still have so much learn.

Sunday Morning Sermon — What Would You Do With $25,000

Darrell Vesterfelt

When Ally and I were first married, and really poor, we loved to dream about what we would do if we had money.

I think we have all been there before. As you drive down the expressway and see the amount of money you could win if you got the lucky Powerball ticket, you begin to dream about what you would do with the money if it were right in front of you.

Sunday Morning Sermon — What Happens When We See Each Other

Darrell Vesterfelt

One way we can let people know they are important, is by letting them know that they are seen.

The people who have made me feel most alive have often just let me know I am seen. They’ve done this by making time for me, acknowledging something I’ve done for them, or calling out my strengths.

My friend Branden is a photographer from Portland. A couple of years ago he started a movement called Story Portrait, where he would take portraits of people, and then tell the story of why they were an amazing person. Branden started posting these photos on Instagram, and a movement started.

Sunday Morning Sermon — The Simplest Stories Are the Most Profound

Darrell Vesterfelt

One of the reasons I love stories are they take complex ideas and make them easy to understand.

I think that is why cartoons and children’s stories have been so powerful for so long. They take the complexities of life and communicate them in the way an eight year old can understand them.

Think about it. Some of the most powerful stories that have transcended generations are nothing more than stories meant for youth.

Sunday Morning Sermon — This Is My Understanding Of Jesus Christ

Darrell Vesterfelt

I had the opportunity to hear Brennan Manning share this story eight years ago when I was in college. It struck me then, and it does now.

Brennan’s voice and understanding of God has been and continues to be instrumental in so many people’s understanding of God. And although this is a reading of a simple children’s story, it is incredibly powerful for me. For so many years, this is how I’ve viewed God. I only come to Him when I want something; and no matter what He gives, it’s never enough.

Sunday Morning Sermon — Put Yourself Where Your Heart Wants To Be

Darrell Vesterfelt

Steven Pressfield is one of the great thinkers about creativity in this generation. No matter what creative endeavor you might be pursuing, if you haven’t read his book The War of Art, get yourself a copy. Read it, and bring a pen for underlining and taking notes if that’s your thing. You’ll thank me later. […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – The Great Loss of Growing Up

Darrell Vesterfelt

What have you lost in order to grow up? Sometimes we don’t even realize it is happening. Out of all the weeks of the year, may this be the week you re-discover your inner child. Seek Innocence. Find Joy. Share Love. Create Something Beautiful.

Sunday Morning Sermon — A Lesson From A Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome

Darrell Vesterfelt

When we think about the things we want to accomplish or achieve in this life, it is easy for us to come up with a list of reasons they will never come true. We tend to focus on our limitations — things we assume will hinder us or hold us back. But what if our limitations are actually an asset to us? Tim Harris is a restaurant-owner who is living proof none of us are as limited as we think.

Tim lives with down syndrome, but he doesn’t allow that to stop him from living his life-long dream of owning a restaurant. Tim’s Place is open daily, and serves breakfast, lunch and hugs.