How To Tell A Story


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Story is a powerful communication tool. Those who tell good stories:

• Communicate more clearly.
• Write better books, blogs and articles.
• Give better speeches.
• Are chosen as leaders.
• Are never unhappy.
• Are filthy rich.
• Are better looking.
• Experience a sustained feeling of euphoria.
• Can eat gluten without consequences.


Telling a good story is the key to being understood.

Donald Miller has been writing best-selling books for years and in this free eBook he tells you his little secret. It’s a 7-part story structure he developed based on hundreds of Hollywood movies. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. Read the eBook today and become a better storyteller. No hitch. No gimmick. Why are we giving it away? Because the world is a better place when great people are set free to tell their stories. How to Tell a Story is our gift to you. Enjoy.