How to Know If You’re Dealing with a Manipulator
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A few years ago, I started studying manipulative people. And I started studying them after having been completely taken in over the last several years by a few of them. You just assume all people are good and honest and it’s a shock and borderline offensive to think they aren’t, but the truth is some people are a lot more manipulative than others.

What Tools Do You Really Need to Chase Your Dream?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Awhile back, I was in LA with a friend and he took me to his favorite taco shop. We were sitting there eating when I realized I’d actually been to the bike shop across the street, nearly five years before. I laughed as I told him I spent about a couple hundred dollars on stuff I didn’t need in that very shop.

Why It’s More Important You Slow Down than Hurry Up
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

We all need activities that require our presence and time in order to enjoy them, that remind us we aren’t slaves to unanswered emails or texts, to remind us there’s something beautiful to be said about the moments we share in the absence of high action but in presence of good company.