Turn Your Mistakes into Opportunities to Get Better
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

While we often view past struggles as the unfortunate parts of our story, I’ve learned to see them as opportunities. I no longer get down on myself about making mistakes as long as I make things better the next time. I don’t know if it’s my optimism or some kind of lesson that’s been instilled in me, but I’ve been operating in this “just make it better the next time” mentality for a long time now.

Why Your Ideas Need a Place to Play
Amena Brown Owen
By Amena Brown Owen

Staring at a blank canvas, blinking cursor or empty page can be difficult, especially when you’re creating something that doesn’t have a ready template or proven success rate. But making something new reminds me of what made me love writing and performing in the first place.

My 6 Tips for Surviving Criticism
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

If you share yourself with the world you’re going to be criticized. The world may seem like a nice, safe, warm place, but as soon as you put yourself out there’s a good chance you’ll be a target for criticism. If you’re not careful, you’ll start feeling like a character in The Lord of the Flies. So how do you survive it? How do you keep putting yourself out there?