Refusing To Die Before Your Time

Recently my sons and I went to a soccer match in Upton Park, England (they call it football there). The game was between West Ham United and Arsenal. Arriving early, we enjoyed food from street vendors that would make a cardiologist weep.

Soon we made our way to our seats and as the stadium filled, a man sat next to me. He was in his 60s, dressed warmly in a long, dark coat with a scarf around his neck. He looked toward the field with a blank stare.

The Two Kinds of Heretics

For centuries the term heretic has been thrown around as an ace card by theologians and pastors and, lets face it, twenty something seminarians as though the term should stop us in our tracks.

The older I get, though, the more I see the term being used to defend territories of thought rather than to truly protect us from misguided interpretations of scripture. It’s become a term tribes use to defend their tribal security.

Why Dreaming Sometimes Leads to Discontentment

I was that kid who climbed a tree one day with a pillow in one hand and a book in the other so I could sit on the branch more comfortably to read. I would lie–not jump–on my trampoline alone and stare at the sky and think whatever important thoughts I had at age nine. I had what my mom called “an active imagination” and I exercised this muscle often. I would catch myself daydreaming in class all the time. Listening to a sermon was nearly impossible. Over the course of those 20 minutes my head had been in so many different places I would worry I had been talking aloud during church.

I think an active imagination is a wonderful thing. Stories and characters and made up games and alternate universes – that’s the good stuff. It’s why fiction writers are my heroes. And there are moments when daydreaming is great and propels us forward in our lives, like when we take our dreams and write them down and figure out a way we could actually achieve them. But I don’t tend to be productive in my daydreaming, and I’ve realized once I return from my time in space, I’m less content.

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