In Order To Live, People Need Open Spaces And Here’s Why
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

When my sons were much younger, our family took a road trip to New York City. It was a great adventure, eating our way through the city, taking in all of the predictable sights, and enjoying a couple of shows. In the middle of our trip, we took an excursion to Central Park, cycling through […]

Why It’s Sometimes Better to Receive Than Give
Miles Adcox
By Miles Adcox

Sometimes a gift is better received than given. I always thought it was the other way around and often still find myself uncomfortable receiving gifts, praise, attention, or compliments. The church and self-help worlds both supported this theory and gave me permission to live in generosity-only as a means to experience humility, joy, and happiness. […]

What My Mother Taught Me
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

From the Storyline team: Shauna spoke this powerful message at the Q women event in New York City and we thought you would love to hear it as well. The full video is below, as well as a shortened transcript. Everyone knows those kids who peak in middle school, or high school, or college. My […]