You’re Never Going to Be Fully Ready
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

You’ll never feel totally ready. The plan will never be perfectly formed. You’ll never have the money you think you need or the support you wish you had. You’ll never feel as strong and prepared as everyone else seems.
No one has every last thing they need. But the people who change their lives, the people who make beautiful things, the people who make a difference in our world—they are the people who paddle, who are willing to do it badly, who give up perfect in favor of good.

Putting Out the Fire Isn’t Enough
Scott McClellan
By Scott McClellan

When it comes to traumatic experiences, it turns out we’re a lot like trees. Here’s what I mean:

Seeing those charred and twisted trunks took me back to the crisis I’d escaped. The immediate relief of putting the fire out allowed me to believe it was over, but I was really just stuck between the first and second step. I wasn’t still burning, but I was still burnt. I was out of the crisis, but the crisis wasn’t out of me.

My First Book in Five Years
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Scary Close is about dealing with our issues so we stop hurting people and start helping them. It’s my story about hitting rock bottom because I’d ruined yet another relationship, then about the unique way in which I got help from a crazy therapy center, then how I learned to have a true, honest, healthy and intimate relationship.