An Essential Question to Improve Your Summer Travel
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

If you’re traveling this summer, there is a chance you’ll be going through an airport or two. Would you mind if I offered some insight? It comes from several confrontations with TSA agents and law enforcement personnel whom I thought were on just a bit of a power trip. But that’s my issue. It might […]

Why Everyone Should Follow the Inverted Golden Rule
John Richmond
By John Richmond

Some of the meanest things we ever hear come from ourselves. “You are a failure.” “That idea stinks.” “If people knew who you really were . . .” “You are a fraud.” These were the thoughts racing through my mind in the middle of the night. Tasks at work and home were pilling up and […]

Overcoming The Overwhelming Tendency to Panic
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Here’s a tidbit about writing and the overwhelming temptation to panic. My guess is it applies nearly as strongly to painting and public speaking and for that matter child rearing, plumbing and lawyering. Hope it helps. I’ve been writing for a long time now and I’ve noticed a mental cycle that often threatens to derail […]