How to Give Your Home and Your Stuff Meaning

A while back a friend hosted several pastors and I for a hunting trip on His ranch in Central Oregon. We were there for a few days, but while we were there our friend treated us like Kings. He guided us up and down the mountains, making sure each of us got a buck. He and his team paddled us across the lakes on his property, making sure each of us caught a trout. All the while, he never fired a shot or put a hook in the water. One early morning while watching the sunrise from on top of a hill, scouting for deer, he mentioned he’d only shot at one buck the entire time he owned the ranch. He simply said I like guiding more than hunting. It’s more fun.

How I Discovered I Wasn’t The Victim in Conflicts

Conflict resolution has not come easily for me in the past.

I’ve always waffled back and forth between avoiding arguments completely, so as not to be perceived as pushy or controlling; or confronting conflicts after the situation has already escalated beyond a simple misunderstanding, which of course meant I had a hard time controlling my temper and would lash out unnecessarily.

How Multitasking Can Kill Your Relationships

They call it “multi-tasking.”  I call it annoying.  When I read about the merits of efficiency and the need to get more things done at once, it is always written from the perspective of the person doing multiple things at the same time.  I have never seen this modern habit described from the point of view of the person interacting with a multi-tasker.

When I walk into a colleague’s office and he is talking to me while simultaneously reading and responding to emails while his eyes dart to his iPhone’s text message alerts . . . I am not impressed with the ability to do several things at once.  Honestly, I get frustrated because I do not believe he is listening to me.  Over time this pattern has grated on me to the point I try to schedule our meetings in a conference room in an effort to disconnect his work station from our conversation.

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