Not “Letting Go” Could Be Damaging Your Relationships
Susan Isaacs
By Susan Isaacs

I failed at Lent. The past few years I’ve observed Lent in various ways: going off social media, not judging my husband’s slovenly man cave, and tackling my biggest most besetting sin, the DWR: Driving While Righteous. It’s easy to get outraged on the LA highways; people drive like there’s no god to judge them. I take up the slack, waving a finger at people who are on their phones, or texting, or trying pass me in the emergency lane. But each Lent I’ve sensed God waving his finger at me: let it go.

Why Your Weakness Gives You Strength
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

If it weren’t for Professor Xavier, the X-Men would be a bunch of dysfunctional deadbeats living in fear and isolation. It wasn’t until Professor X sought them out, looked each of them in the eye, and convinced them that the very characteristics they hated about themselves actually had the potential to save the world, that they began to step into their true identities as super-humans.

Getting Famous Is Not How You Will Change The World
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Since I was a kid I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to change the world. I didn’t know how, and honestly I didn’t know why, but I wanted to have an impact.

That desire evolved over the years from an identity struggle where, though I would never have admitted it, I really just wanted to be known and important, to a more sincere desire to see peoples lives changed for the better. I’d say I’m still experiencing that evolution. It will always be a percentage game. None of us are pure in our motives. But we keep working all the same.

Sunday Morning Sermon — A Child Shows Us The Evidence of God
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

Our friend Bob has some amazing stories, and this is one of my favorite. In this video Bob shares a story about a little boy named Charlie, who has the courage to stand in the face of scary witchdoctors. Even high standing judges did not have the courage to stand up to this evil. By […]

This Is How I Overcome Fear
Carlos Whittaker
By Carlos Whittaker

I Fear. I’m good at it.

I fear you. I fear me. I fear God. I fear grace. I fear truth. I fear rejection. I fear the unknown.

So you know what I do with that fear?

I turn it into all sorts of ugly things. Mostly I turn it to worry.

How To Handle A Bad Mood At Home
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

So I’m just getting used to being married. It’s great. And I’m way better at it than I thought I’d be. All the stuff I worried about before getting married turned out for naught. Betsy’s great. And we’re great together.

One thing I’ve had to learn, though, is not to allow my moods to affect the weather in the house.

One Way to Fix Toxic Relationships
John Richmond
By John Richmond

I work in Washington, D.C. I have heard it said that Washington is a city full of Senior Class Presidents and first-born children. The exaggerated caricature is that it is a place where power is exalted and people are expendable. Contacts are currency and loyalty has a news-cycle shelf-life. The truth is that Washington, D.C. is just another city full of people – people with hopes, dreams, fears, and a deep desire to be known.

Here’s a Good Reason To Go To Church
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Are American Christians Really Being Oppressed, Or Are They Just Whining?
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