If You’re Rushing, Something is Wrong
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

At Storyline, we’re pretty even keeled. We don’t get too excited or worried and things pretty much get handled ahead of schedule. How that happened with a group of artists, I don’t know, but everybody who works with us seems to appreciate our flow of business. Essentially, if we are rushing, we know we’ve done something wrong. Of course there are plenty of great reasons in life to rush. If you’re an ER doctor or a professional ping-pong player, rushing seems appropriate. But in most endeavors, feeling a constant sense of urgency and panic means somebody hasn’t done their job.

Why We Pick Apart the People We Admire Most
Kyle Reid
By Kyle Reid

I recently attended a conference hosting some of the top creatives in the world. I spent every jam-packed day of the conference learning, being inspired and trying to soak up any and all creative magic from those around me. “Oh, you work for Facebook you say? I think I’ve heard of that…(internal freakout moment).” I […]

3 Keys to Winning the Mental Game
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

The truth is, you are likely very skilled in business, in parenting, in writing or in any other career of choice. And chances are what separates you and me from the greats is more than just skill. What separates us is how we respond emotionally and mentally to challenges. I’m not the best writer in the world, but there are plenty of writers at my level who are producing much more work. Why? They’re better at the mental game.