2 Things I Do That Increase My Creative Output
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I believe creative work is a dance. I think you have to show up with regular discipline, but I think something else has to show up too. Creativity, despite what so many motivational writers say, can’t be forced. When we create we dance with something mysterious, perhaps subconscious and perhaps spiritual, but regardless, we are only one person dancing in a two-entity concoction.

So, how do we control the other entity? How do we make the words or the images of the sermon or the music show up?

We don’t.

But here are two tricks I’ve learned that greatly […]

When Someone Else Gets the Thing You Wanted
Amena Brown Owen
By Amena Brown Owen

It is difficult when we long for a job promotion and must smile and eat cake to celebrate our co-worker receiving said promotion. It is frustrating when we must don bridesmaid or groomsman attire to a wedding we attended without a date. It is a challenge to rejoice when other people’s prayers get answered and we are left to accept life’s questions marks. It is always hard to accept that sometimes it is just not our turn.

How to Use Fear of Failure to Your Advantage
John Sowers
By John Sowers

For my three-year old daughters, life is a series of endless discovery. Snow. Tricycles. Gymnastics. New Foods. Park Slides. French lessons with Kari. At each new discovery, they are faced with decision. Do I try this tall slide? Or do I skip it? Or do I just watch for a bit? Sometimes all it takes is reassurance – in the form of me standing at the bottom of the slide to “catch” them. But sometimes they let fear or uncertainty keep them off the slide altogether.