The Power of Gratitude

In my mid-twenties, I somehow stumbled into the position of running a publishing company. It was a fun few years for me. I fell in love with books during the time, and am grateful to still be in the industry, these days as a writer, of course.

I don’t know what led me to do it, but one day I decided the company would become more grateful.

I bought several boxes of thank-you cards and gave one to each member of the staff (we were tiny, so this was no big deal) and asked if we’d be willing to write a thank-you card to somebody every day until our boxes were empty [...]

How I Learned To-Do Lists Are Overrated

I used to love to-do lists. Honestly. I might have even had a small obsession with them. I would wake up each morning and make my list for the day, and then I would live and die by that list. Sometimes I would even add something I had already done to the list, just so I could enjoy the feeling of crossing it off.

In fact, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but sometimes I would even write something like “brush your teeth” or “call your sister” on the list, and then cross it off, just to feel the pure satisfaction of having done something.

It wasn’t until recently I realized to-do lists were a problem for me.

BOb Balloons
How To Build Something Out Of Nothing

I was pretty proud of myself when I made a picture frame once.

The reason I was so proud is that I had to overcome so many obstacles to build it.

First, it took me a while to find just the right wood. Then I went to the store and bought an expensive circular saw to make a couple mitered cuts. Then I had to buy some expensive wood glue and then even more expensive clamps to hold the pieces I cut together. After a couple days and a whole bunch of money, I stood with a pile of tools behind me holding the crooked frame I’d built.

Let me tell you about a couple guys who moved from San Diego and from the Pacific Northwest to Gulu, Uganda this year who are building an entire school campus – out of dirt!

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