The Best Way to Respond in Times of Doubt
Bill Lokey
By Bill Lokey

It is a normal day, you answer the phone, and in an instant everything changes.

First comes the surreal moment when you think this is not really happening and then the landslide of reality crashes in. “Oh God, no!” As your hands begin trembling you know it is real.

You pray. You pray hard. You pray on your knees. You cry while you pray, you plead, you bargain, and then… then our heart gets revealed. If nothing changes or improves we […]

Three Things To Remember When You’re Walking Toward Healing
Jenny Simmons
By Jenny Simmons

I was in college when I saw my first therapist. I vividly remember the fear and humiliation of filling out the intake forms in the front office. Did I hear voices? Had I tried to hurt myself or others in the past six months? Was I avoiding social situations? Did I experience a racing heart, […]

Why You Might Be Missing The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

For our son Henry’s seventh birthday, we loaded up the car with his best friends, with snacks and juice boxes, with extra sweatshirts and loads of Batman guys, and we spent a wild, fun, silly afternoon at the Brookfield Zoo.

There was one main attraction for Henry: the dinosaurs. Brookfield has this amazing exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs—machines that look and sound like dinosaurs, laid out just like any other animal exhibition. It’s amazing—you walk through the bears and the tigers and the kangaroos, and then you walk through the dinosaurs, arching their backs, breathing and growling. It’s pretty great.