Why Jesus Asks Us to Be More Trusting
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I often do not trust people. In the world of Facebook and Twitter where you can get criticized on the hour, distrust is easy to build. But the truth is, people are much more kind than we’d assume. Awhile back I went to the local playground to walk my dog. It’s normally empty and Lucy loves to run around and chase a ball in the small, fenced area. On this particular day, though, a bunch of kids came walking up, loudly shouting, laughing and just goofing off. My first response was to get out of there.

What People Will Remember About You
Scott McClellan
By Scott McClellan

At Joe’s retirement partly, nobody focused on the things he accomplished in 18 years of faithful service. Do you know what they talked about? Do you know what they remembered? They remembered that he was always kind to them in a thousand small ways, hidden from the view of the crowd.

How I Learned to Not Be Overwhelmed
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

One of the main problems I deal with is trying to manage too many projects. And most of those projects are big. If you’re like me, you have trouble breaking down massive projects into manageable pieces and executing each piece well. And when I can’t break things down easily, I tend to freeze. This creates obvious problems. But I learned something from Dr. Henry Cloud awhile back that helped tremendously.