A Simple Phrase That Can Make You Happier
Heather Avis
By Heather Avis

As a parent, we try to teach our kids important life lessons from the day they enter our lives. We decide what lessons and character traits are the most important and we do our best to instill them. For me, a heart of gratitude is a characteristic I hope and pray my children possess. So […]

Don’t Expand Your Influence, Deepen It
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A long, long time ago I ran a very small publishing company here in Oregon. Part of my job was to create a database and sales system to chart our orders. I noticed that, while we had about a thousand customers, only a hundred or so of them were supporting our business. Initially, I wanted to expand the business to grow our customer base even larger. We spent thousands of dollars in this attempt, visiting trade shows and printing expensive catalogs. But sooner or later I realized it wasn’t working.

The Secret to Getting Picked
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve been running a company for a few years now and I’ve noticed something about what kind of people work out. And anymore, they’re the only kind of people I want to hire. In fact, this specific kind of person also works best in relationships, both romantic and friendships. And they make the best leaders, […]