Every Story Needs A Comeback

There’s that one scene in every great movie. You know the one I’m talking about.

That scene where it looks like the hero is about to lose it all.

When George Bailey cries out to God in a drunken stupor, “I’m at the end of my rope.”

When Luke Skywalker finds out that his is the only spaceship left in the attack against the Death Star.

When Buzz Lightyear realizes that after all this time, he really is just an ordinary toy.

We can all relate to those characters, especially Buzz. We start out this life believing we’re capable of doing anything, that we’re invincible, that we can fly. Then life gives us a couple of dozen smacks across the face and we’re left struggling to believe if we ever possessed any value at all. Our disbelief opens the door wide open to Fear who invites Pain and Struggle along for the party, initiating a cycle of Pity Party Paralysis.

Church Anywhere and Everywhere?

Last week I blogged a couple times about why I haven’t regularly gone to church. I’m hoping both blogs were good conversation starters. I’ve gotten some flack,  but honestly very little. I’ve found most people were incredibly kind and gracious, even those who disagreed with me. The blogs presenting dissenting opinions are to be expected and completely understandable.

The hardest part about the ramifications of those blogs involved the relationships I have with pastors. I’ve many close friends who are pastors. I actually went to a church service Sunday night to hear a friend of a friend preach and enjoyed it very much. But even I felt that deceptive polarized pull of “Wait, are you supposed to be here? Aren’t you either in or out?” Which is something I hadn’t felt before, but how the blogs were received. I consoled myself by reminding myself I’d never left “the church” just simply didn’t attend many services. Still, I wondered whether people thought I didn’t like them, and specifically, I wondered whether pastors thought I didn’t like them.

Why God Sometimes Goes Silent

There have been a few times in my life when God has gone completely silent. I would ask him questions, scream requests, beg and plead for him to respond—but he wouldn’t say anything. It was like He was gone. 

It wasn’t until recently I had a revelation about why this might happen. 

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