A Kind of Perfection Worth Pursuing
Scott McClellan
By Scott McClellan

Perfectionism is the unattainable quest to perform without fault, error, or shortcoming, and it’s a trap. Period. But maybe perfectionism isn’t the last word on being perfect.

Why 20% of People Will Never Like You
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

It’s the creators who understand they will not please 20% of the population who then have an amazing epiphany that changes their careers forever. And the epiphany is this: They start creating for the 80% who like their work rather than the 20% who don’t.

What Men Don’t Talk About Enough
Glennon Doyle Melton
By Glennon Doyle Melton

Sometimes I worry about the guys. They are every bit as human as we are, but it feels like they get to open up about it less. My husband Craig tells me that ninety percent of his conversations with other men are about weather, news, and sports. I know this isn’t true for all guys. But it feels true for many.