How to Make A Complicated Life Feel A Little Simpler
Hillary Rector
By Hillary Rector

I was walking yesterday at a local State Natural Area in Nashville – it was quiet and that full, early-summer green and smelled good. This spot is a nature preserve—so you run across more sorts of creatures than you would on a walk in a neighborhood, and it seems many of the people who hike […]

Weapons of Hate and The Danger of Doing Nothing
Miles Adcox
By Miles Adcox

We find anwsers when we own problems. Waking up to another tragedy and watching reporters search for cause and meaning in all directions (religion, radicalism, discrimination, anti-gun, pro-gun, mental health, fundamentalism, political parties, etc…) is evidence of a sad reality where personal responsibility is sparse and judgement has quietly reached epic proportions. We spend more […]

Worrying Isn’t Doing For You What You Think It Is
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I had a pretty good revelation the other day and it was this:
Things almost always turn out fine.

It was a good time for me to have that revelation because I’d just sat down to write when I got a call reminding me about an appointment I’d completely forgotten. I’d have to rush out the door to make it, forfeiting my writing session. And I hate forfeiting my writing sessions.

On the subway, I had a bad attitude. I thought about how I was going to get behind on the book and how I resented having to keep this appointment. Then it hit me…