Be Brave Enough to Make a Mess
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

To be honest, my small group, a group I adore, has not been an easy nut to crack in terms of vulnerability. Some people lay it all out there to whoever will listen. This group is not like that. Again, I super-love them, but spilling our guts is not really in our repertoire. So I’m learning to create the space for it. And then wait. Like you’re waiting for a cat to come out from behind the couch, sort of acting like you don’t even care, but you really, really do.

What a Forgotten Photo Revealed About My Parents
Susan Isaacs
By Susan Isaacs

When I was young, I never understood how Dad couldn’t be grateful for what he did have. Today, I have a lot more empathy for him: I’m nearly his age and I fight the same temptation toward bitterness and regret. So I posted that photo of Dad on my corkboard, smiling at something out of sight. It makes me think fondly of him. Even though I didn’t see that side of Dad so often, it was still true about him. It reminds me to look not backward but forward, to the hope that lies just out of sight.

If You Want to Be a Better Writer, Here’s Some Help
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

On the final day of Storyline in Chicago we will host the first-ever Storyline Writers Workshop. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, this workshop is going to help. Dean Nelson, the Director of Pt. Loma’s Journalism Department, acclaimed memoirist Susan Isaacs and myself will be teaching the workshop.

How a Movie Marathon Can Help You Live a Better Story
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

This years conference kicks off with the first-ever Storyline Film Festival, hosted by Steve Taylor. Then, the day after the conference make sure to stick around for the Storyline Writers Workshop. It’s all going to be incredible. That said, we wanted to let you know what the final lineup for the Film Festival is going to be. Here’s a quick run down on the schedule.

How to Invite People into the Story You’re Telling
Jeff Shinabarger
By Jeff Shinabarger

When we have great talent, we attract great talent. When we have attracted great talent, we create great results. When we have great results, we attract even greater talent. I’ve found when you do your best to tell and encourage great stories, the right characters keep showing up.

The Best Thing I Do as a Business Owner
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A fog is no good, especially if you’re a leader. People need you to have clarity, to know what the priorities are, to know where they fit in the mission and to be encouraged and reminded all the time. So, every few months (not on schedule, more like whenever the fog sets in) I step over to the white board and clarify everything I’m doing. Amazingly, when I’m done, life no longer feels complicated and all goals seem reasonable.

What You’ll Find When You Stop Running
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Our fears lead us to lonely and crazy places. We often run from the wrong things. Sometimes we end up fighting ridiculous battles against imagined enemies. Often what we fight or evade are the very things destined to bless us.

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