What to Do With the Pain of Wanting Somebody Else to Change
Heather Avis
By Heather Avis

My eldest daughter started first grade this year. As the school year began and we stepped onto her new campus, I knew our journey would be much different than the majority of the kids on campus. You see, my daughter has Down syndrome. And with that extra chromosome comes a whole lot of awesome. She’s […]

Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

I think I’ve been in a hurry for almost seven years. In January of 2006, I found out I was pregnant with Henry. Later that week, I was offered a contract to write Cold Tangerines. And since then, it seems, I’ve been in a hurry, running against the clock. They say that being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life. I get that feeling.

I’ve been stacking things up, plan upon plan upon plan. I’ve been cramming things in—pushing, hustling, scurrying. I’ve been strategizing, multi-tasking, layering commitments one upon another like bricks.

It worked for a while. I like to be busy. I’ll always be kind of […]

These 3 Questions Will Change The Way You See Your Relationships
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Here are three “What if” questions I’ve been kicking around lately. And they’re changing the way I do relationships. Thought I’d share them with you: […]