What to Remember While You’re In Waiting
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

According to my Instagram feed, the New Year is all about new beginnings, starting something new, setting new goals. I’ve seen pictures of green smoothies, running shoes, blank to-do lists, and organized closets. Many feel like the New Year is a chance to start over. And this is great. This is great if the New […]

How Aiming For Imperfect Can Improve Your Life
Hillary Rector
By Hillary Rector

Whether you’re an avid resolution-maker or not, January finds many of us thinking about what we hope to be better at or how we’d like to adjust the sails. I’ve written before about my tendency to want to do something perfectly or just not do it, and about how good I am at finding legitimate-seeming […]

Why You Should Tell Your Story, Even if It’s Messy
J.J. Peterson
By J.J. Peterson

I have recently been asked to speak and write more often about a very sensitive and very personal subject. I fight moving towards it because making a platform out of such a “hot topic” seems exploitive, like I’m benefitting for personal gain at the potential expense of relationships and feelings. It would almost feel like […]