How to Cope When Life Changes Overnight
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

Summer is officially here. Families are packing up for vacation, chairs are becoming occupied at the pool, and friends are meeting to grill out. Yet, just months ago we were waiting on flowers to bloom. And months before that we were wearing winter jackets. It’s astonishing how quickly things change. Weather. Goals. Dreams. Loves. Expectations. […]

A Way to Stay Grounded When Your Dreams Are Shattered
Heather Avis
By Heather Avis

I am pretty sure I was made to be a mother. I know not all women are, but I am pretty sure I was. And yet, my journey to motherhood was a tricky one. Soon after my husband and I started trying to get pregnant, I found out that I, in fact, cannot have children—at […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Being Stuck
Branden Harvey
By Branden Harvey

Several years ago, I moved from the small farm town I grew up in to Portland, Oregon—and at first, I hated it. How were you supposed to make friends when you moved to a brand new city? How did people in this city survive without the sunshine? And how on earth was I expected to […]