How to Invite People into the Story You’re Telling
Jeff Shinabarger
By Jeff Shinabarger

When we have great talent, we attract great talent. When we have attracted great talent, we create great results. When we have great results, we attract even greater talent. I’ve found when you do your best to tell and encourage great stories, the right characters keep showing up.

The Best Thing I Do as a Business Owner
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A fog is no good, especially if you’re a leader. People need you to have clarity, to know what the priorities are, to know where they fit in the mission and to be encouraged and reminded all the time. So, every few months (not on schedule, more like whenever the fog sets in) I step over to the white board and clarify everything I’m doing. Amazingly, when I’m done, life no longer feels complicated and all goals seem reasonable.

What You’ll Find When You Stop Running
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Our fears lead us to lonely and crazy places. We often run from the wrong things. Sometimes we end up fighting ridiculous battles against imagined enemies. Often what we fight or evade are the very things destined to bless us.

Discovering Your Calling Won’t Make You Whole
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

How quickly I get discouraged and wonder why I don’t feel content or why work is so hard sometimes. Maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s to remind us that things are broken here. When we don’t find wholeness here on earth, we are forced to look forward and upward. When I see it this way, the breaking of things is a promise for the whole that is coming.

Why You Can’t Seem to Find Your Willpower
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Recently I read (listened to on audio) Willpower by Roy Baumeister and John Tierney and took great interest in their findings about how willpower actually works. Citing study after study (perhaps too many for an otherwise enjoyable read) Baumeister and Tierney argue willpower actually comes from the muscle of the mind and that it can be strengthened.

Why Being Vulnerable is Leaving You Lonely
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

Vulnerability is a hot topic right now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Not only have I realized I have a lot to work on, but I’ve become more aware and thankful for the people in my life who model vulnerability well. But I’ve also learned there are people who model vulnerability poorly. Here’s what I mean..

The Character Trait That Pleased Jesus
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

In John 6, Jesus loses some of his followers after He tells them they have to eat his flesh and drink His blood. I imagine they thought he was crazy. And I would have thought he was crazy too. But it was the twelve disciples who remained. And why?

Finding Your Voice Doesn’t Happen Overnight
By Amena Brown Owen
What I Learned From a Funeral I Haven’t Attended Yet
By Joshua Becker
Grappling with Control and the Fear of Dying
By Donald Miller
Getting Over My Guilt About Not Doing Christian Ministry
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