Why Complaining Doesn’t Get You What You Want And What Will
Allison Vesterfelt
By Allison Vesterfelt

We have a rule in my house. It goes like this: you can’t complain about something if you aren’t willing to do something about it. So in practical terms, if you have a headache, you aren’t allowed to talk about how much it hurts until you take an aspirin and drink some water. If you […]

One Thing Parents Must Teach Their Children
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A while back, Matthew Perryman Jones sent out a tweet saying there was a princess party in his living room. You could tell the tweet went out from a moment of pure delight. How could you not delight in that picture? And earlier yesterday morning, I read a quote from John Sowers’ book Fatherless Generation about how quickly our girls wilt when their fathers leave, how they long to know they are […]

A Pastor’s Reflection on Coming Out of The Closet
JJ Peterson
By JJ Peterson

Some days I am not that strong. A little over a year ago I came out of the closet after nearly three decades of trying to convince myself that what I knew wasn’t true. This past year has been spent slowly telling my family, my friends, and even my former co-workers from time spent on […]