Why 80% Of The Work You Do Is A Waste Of Time
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

It’s called The 80/20 Principle. The book was written by Richard Koch and the argument is this: 80 percent of the results you’re getting at work flow from just 20 percent of your efforts. And not only this, but 80 percent of your profit likely comes from 20 percent of your products.

Having Integrity Doesn’t Make You a Good Person
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I recently had a conversation with somebody in which I doubted what they were saying was true. I hate those conversations, but years ago I promised myself that if the person was a friend, or somebody I worked with, I wouldn’t just walk away. Instead, I decided to say something. I kept it light, but I said enough that I wouldn’t go to bed that night without some clarity. The response I received was a long, passionate monologue about how the person had never told a lie in their life. This person kept using the word integrity.

What Your Instagram Feed is Keeping You From
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

I could theorize and offer scientific evidence all day long. I can give you source after source, anecdote after anecdote on why our obsession with our phones is killing us. But here’s the real truth: Your fixation with your phone is killing your ability to do work that matters. While your phone harbors many tools for good, when you get caught in its tractor beam, you’re in for a swamp of time sucking molasses.