Why 80% Of The Work You Do Is A Waste Of Time
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

It’s called The 80/20 Principle. The book was written by Richard Koch and the argument is this: 80 percent of the results you’re getting at work flow from just 20 percent of your efforts. And not only this, but 80 percent of your profit likely comes from 20 percent of your products.

Two Types Of Pain You’re Going To Experience
Scott McClellan
By Scott McClellan

Avoiding pain was my default mode for a decade or two. I avoided pain like it was my job. I steered clear of situations and relationships that might’ve been painful, and I tried to keep my emotional investment at a minimum. Obviously, this was a disaster.

If You Turn Down Your Noise, You Might Finally Hear The Truth
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

I like to sleep with the radio on. But not because I listen to it. It’s the noise I need. That constant hum of static, chatting and breaking news helps me block out everything else. It keeps me from thinking about actually needing to fall asleep.