Will Your Story Be One Of Awe Or Fear?
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

Last week I made the trek to visit my niece and nephews in Oregon. Piper, the oldest, turned 5 years old not too long ago and much like I was at her age, she’s fearless. One afternoon, we were playing the infamous airplane game, in which I lay on my back and balance Piper on my feet while she “flies.” I was holding onto her hands to keep her from losing balance and falling when she looked down at me and said, “Aunt Cadence, don’t hold my hand! I like scary things.”

Are You Blinded By Your Own Certainty?
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

Just recently I had a dentist appointment, and was without a car. No problem, I thought to myself. I’ll just ride my bike. The dentist’s office is only about two miles from my house. But both tires of my bike were flat. Still not a big deal. I had time to walk. However, it was really hot outside, and by the time I got to the dentist, I was overheated, sweaty and, perhaps, a bit cranky.

Does Talking About Your Work Keep You From Finishing It?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I think half the battle of a creator is in finishing his or her projects. I wonder how many of the world’s greatest creators never created anything great, because while they may have had the intelligence and even the skill, they weren’t finishers. Finishing is part of the art. A guy I met once ran […]