In a World of High Pressure Religion, Does God Just Want Us to Love Our Neighbor?
Sarah Thebarge
By Sarah Thebarge

I was riding on a crowded train during rush hour in 2010 when a little Somali girl, who couldn’t find a seat on the train, climbed into my lap and fell asleep.

While I was holding her, I started talking to her mom, who told me in broken English that they were refugees from Somalia. Her husband had left the family shortly after they arrived in the U.S., and now she was stranded here, raising five children by herself, without any income or language skills or job training.

Then the woman leaned her head against the window as [...]

Identity is at the Core of Most of Our Personal Problems. Here’s a Solution:
Ben Malcolmson
By Ben Malcolmson

Who does God say we are?

That question came up last weekend when I was hanging out with a few really good buddies who are students at Western Washington University. We were wrestling with how our identities on this earth are at the root of so many of our problems and decided to go to the Bible to help us figure it out.

Who does God say we are?

That question came up again as I listened to [...]

The Real Reason Theologians Fight May Have Little to do With Theology
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Have you ever had a conversation with another Christian and felt the two of you had a completely different view of God? And have you ever wondered why? You’re reading the same Bible, after all, and supposedly interacting with the same God. How can one person have a rigid, black and white view of God while another sees more mystery and ambiguity? How can two intellectual powerhouses like Brian McLaren and John Piper have such different views of the same Biblical text?

Lately, I’ve come to believe it’s because, while they’re both looking at the same Scriptures, they actually see something different. And it’s only partly because of how they’re interpreting it.

I believe the reason they read the Scriptures differently is [...]

We Model a Lot of Things for Our Kids. But Have we Taught Them How to Fail?
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

To celebrate my son Brent’s 16th birthday, my two boys and I signed up for the Tennessee Motorcycle Safety Course. It’s a two-day program designed for folks who’ve never ridden a cycle before. At the end of the second day, the prize is a motorcycle license.

Though we don’t have motorcycles, we dreamed of riding together on the Natchez Trace, a beautiful stretch of highway that runs from Nashville to Mississippi. No stop signs or traffic lights. Only beautiful scenery and gently winding roads.

Starting our day at the training facility with six other men, we began with [...]

Does the Pro-Life Movement Need a New Strategy?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I am pro-life. I believe abortion is a painful and dark reality in the world.

But I’m often reluctant to associate with the pro-life movement. And I don’t think I’m alone.

I remember, years ago, when I was in high school, sitting at a picnic table at a park near my home reading Martin Luther King’s Letters From a Birmingham Jail and being moved by the love Dr. King had for his oppressors. He was willing to cause tension, for sure, but he was also willing to die as a martyr. He was willing to die for those who he saw as lost in darkness.

The ability to love our enemies, and I mean deeply love our enemies, is of the most [...]

Sunday Morning Sermon – Steve Jobs on Numbering Our Days
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Storyline readers are incredibly diverse. A number of our readers do not attend a church with regularity. And yet we are a people who want to follow the real Christ, and contribute to His real community. As such, we offer our Sunday Morning Sermons. We’ve found brief interactions with a wide range of personalities and intend to feature one every Sunday. This is the Sunday morning sermon done, well, differently. After each feature, Don will chime in to share his opinions on the “sermon.” [...]

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

Last week, the story of Jack and the Nebraska football team won your vote. I have a feeling I know which will win this week as well. Which of these is your favorite? [...]

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