Why You Should Write in a Closet
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Colum McCann wrote his latest novel in a closet. Literally in a closet. And Annie Dillard, who won the Pulitzer at the young age of 26 for her wonderful book called A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek recommends writing in a dark room walled with cinder block.

This is a far cry from the usual writer’s fantasy of sitting down to a typewriter in a farmhouse sitting before a windowed view of mountains.

The reality about writing is the more romantic you are about the process, the less […]

Why You Should Waste Some Time Today
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

One of my new things (of which there are many these days–I feel sort of adolescent, changing & growing & trying new things faster than I can keep up with, in a good way) is wasting time. Wasting it: spending it lavishly, staring into space, wandering around the block, sitting on the kitchen floor eating blueberries with Mac.

My goal upon returning to real life after lake life is to keep my summer heartmy flexible, silly, ready-to-play, ever-so-slightly irresponsible heart. What I’ve been delighted to find is that it’s not […]

“Sometimes We Build What We Didn’t Plan To Build” by Bob Goff
Bob Goff
By Bob Goff

We have a place up in Canada we call the Malibu Lodge. It’s isolated at the end of an inlet and is only accessible by taking a boat or a seaplane fifty miles beyond where all the roads end. Because it’s so remote, we need to make just about everything, including our own electricity.

We generate power for the Lodge from a glacier on the property. It’s not that complicated, really. We use a river that has carved its way down one of the mountains. Two thousand feet up the side of this mountain, we collect water out of the river in a pipe and the force of the gravity […]