Who’s Making Your Mind Up For You?
Allison Fallon
By Allison Fallon

I’ve always been drawn to really strong leaders. Even in the midst of the most violent criticism against Mark Driscoll, I’ve defended him, arguing that for some people, his way of preaching and teaching is quite effective—especially since, for me, it was (by “effective” I mean it altered my behavior).

Is Your Life Boring All Your Friends?
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Last week, looking out the back window of our house, I saw our dog Hobbs standing over the carcass of a possum. He was sniffing it cautiously and had a “what do I do now?” look about him. Finally, he walked away, disappointed with the end of his chase. As he was leaving, I saw […]

Are Leaders Making You Afraid So They Can Make Money?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A friend recently stopped by the house for dinner and we had the most fascinating conversation. As we talked, he told me he’d recently been attacked on the air by Glenn Beck. Fascinatingly, he was the second friend I’d had over for dinner who’d recently been attacked by Glenn Beck. But both of them had the same story. As he pulled up the YouTube video, I couldn’t help but wonder whether Glenn Beck even knew what either of my friends were about. Beck demonized my friend without the slightest understanding of what he represented or stood for, which looked nothing like what Beck was railing against.