Sunday Morning Sermon — A Child Shows Us The Evidence of God
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

Our friend Bob has some amazing stories, and this is one of my favorite. In this video Bob shares a story about a little boy named Charlie, who has the courage to stand in the face of scary witchdoctors. Even high standing judges did not have the courage to stand up to this evil. By […]

This Is How I Overcome Fear
Carlos Whittaker
By Carlos Whittaker

I Fear. I’m good at it.

I fear you. I fear me. I fear God. I fear grace. I fear truth. I fear rejection. I fear the unknown.

So you know what I do with that fear?

I turn it into all sorts of ugly things. Mostly I turn it to worry.

How To Handle A Bad Mood At Home
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

So I’m just getting used to being married. It’s great. And I’m way better at it than I thought I’d be. All the stuff I worried about before getting married turned out for naught. Betsy’s great. And we’re great together.

One thing I’ve had to learn, though, is not to allow my moods to affect the weather in the house.