Why Everything is Awful and You’re Probably Going to Die
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Every morning Betsy and I wake up and check the people news. By people news I mean Twitter, Instagram and for Betsy, Facebook. I’m not on Facebook (which makes me morally superior in some way) and talk about who’s doing what in the world.

There are two things we can count on every morning. The first is picture’s of her baby sister (Betsy is the oldest of seven. Her parents adopted an overly cute baby last year) to which we will comment or tweet back “so cute”. I might as well have “so cute” on auto reply for anything sent to me by Betsy’s family. It would always be the appropriate response.

Sunday Morning Sermon — What Happens When We See Each Other
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

One way we can let people know they are important, is by letting them know that they are seen.

The people who have made me feel most alive have often just let me know I am seen. They’ve done this by making time for me, acknowledging something I’ve done for them, or calling out my strengths.

My friend Branden is a photographer from Portland. A couple of years ago he started a movement called Story Portrait, where he would take portraits of people, and then tell the story of why they were an amazing person. Branden started posting these photos on Instagram, and a movement started.

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best of the Internet This Week
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

On the weekend we pour a little more cereal in your bowl. We hope you enjoy some reading from our regular contributors, some viral videos and other great finds from the internet. This is what we loved this week. Share your favorite articles and videos in the comments below.