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Lazy Christian Advice – “Hang in there, God is in control”
Carlos Whittaker
By Carlos Whittaker

About 20 seconds after I took this picture Losiah told me he wanted down.
I could have told him to hang in there that God was in control.
Then let him fall to his certain death after his hands give way to the weight of his problem.
OK. Maybe not death, but CPS would come knocking for sure.
But you know what I did?
I walked over to him and held him up.
Then I helped him down […]

How My 3 Year Old Son Became a Pastor in a Rainstorm
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Many years ago, when our boys were 3 and 6, our family took off for a weekend in the mountains. We found a great cabin, settled in and decided to take a hike that afternoon in the Stone Door Wilderness area with its stunning views of a long, deep valley.

This hike was going to be challenge, particularly for 3-year-old Brent. It was one mile to the destination; one mile back. This would be his longest hike ever and he decided that he wanted to do the whole thing without any assistance (no piggyback rides).

Soon after our hike began, it started to rain. To distract us from our the impending misery, we sang hiking songs, played “I Spy,” and I told the kids that as a reward for the hike, we’d have some hot chocolate (their favorite) when we got back to the cabin […]

Why We Love Those Who Don’t Love Us Back
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

A few years ago I wrote a post on my blog English Lessons entitled Why Do We Love Those Who Don’t Love Us Back? It is consistently my most-read post, and the most common search term that brings people to English Lessons is a variation of that question: Why do I love someone who doesn’t love me back?

People Google that. A lot of people Google that. Unrequited love is a mystery we are asking a search engine to solve for us. Loving someone who doesn’t seem to return our feelings is painful, and when God doesn’t make the pain go away when we ask Him to, we ask Google […]