How Wealth May Cost You More Than It’s Worth
Joshua Becker
By Joshua Becker

Jesus recognized the great danger in wealth. It often becomes an avenue for isolation, pride, and self-sufficiency. It fuels dissatisfaction and discontent. It divides our loyalties. All the while, wealth blinds us to its harmful effects. Jesus calls us to count its true cost.

My Best Advice On Writing Isn’t From A Book
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I have a shelf at home devoted to books about writing. I might even say I have two shelves devoted to those books now. I’ve read most of them, and some are better than others. But the best writing advice I’ve ever received didn’t come from a book.

Extraordinary Moments Don’t Happen Without Work
Gary Haugen
By Gary Haugen

The reality is that for every dramatic capture and for every high-profile win, there are untold days of invisible faithfulness and failure – of persevering, when the end of the story is unknown.