How 20-Something Entitlement Nearly Ruined My Marriage
Allison Vesterfelt
By Allison Vesterfelt

Our first year of marriage was really hard. 

In one sense, you might have looked at our first year of marriage and wondered how we couldn’t have been blissfully happy.  

We were living on the twenty-first floor of a beautiful condo building overlooking the ocean in sunny south Florida. Our wall-sized sliding glass doors opened to a balcony where we could watch the sunrise every morning. Any time we wanted, we could wander downstairs with coffee and books—to our private beach—and dig our toes into the sand. 

Great Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Love Their Teams
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

As football season comes to a close, we see the same interviews with coaches who seem to say the same thing over and over. If they lose, they thank and compliment their team, and if they win, they celebrate their team’s work ethic, brotherhood and character. It’s like they’re all reading from the same script.

What could easily get lost in all that is a leadership principle I’ve come to believe is true: Great leaders actually love their teams more than they love themselves […]

Sunday Morning Sermon — Put Yourself Where Your Heart Wants To Be
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

Steven Pressfield is one of the great thinkers about creativity in this generation. No matter what creative endeavor you might be pursuing, if you haven’t read his book The War of Art, get yourself a copy. Read it, and bring a pen for underlining and taking notes if that’s your thing. You’ll thank me later. […]