Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

The Gatsby video won by only 2 votes last week. Curious to hear which is your favorite this week […]

Can Any Good Come From Digging Out Old Memories?
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

My wife and I had been putting off this task for some time. It was gross. That’s what we kept telling ourselves as we would reach a new Saturday, contemplate the job before us, and then have something conveniently come up to keep us from the work. We didn’t feel like battling the cobwebs, and we really didn’t feel like shoveling out the loads of mice (could they be rat?) droppings.

A few times we actually opened the door to the shed in our back yard, took one look, and maybe a whiff, of what had taken up residence there, and quickly closed the door, trying to […]

If the Zimmerman Trial Teaches Us One Thing, It’s That We Fill in “Truth Gaps” with Fiction
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

What was most interesting about the public’s response to the George Zimmerman trial is how quickly almost everybody made up their minds about what happened, even without hearing the facts.

The narrative most people subscribe to is this: Racially charged white man with a gun harasses black teen and kills him. Man gets off and our justice system is broken.

That, of course, is not a factual narrative, but it’s a powerful narrative and one that offers the most drama while also speaking to the very real problem of […]