Two Lists I Make Every Morning
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Every working day I fill out a Storyline Productivity Schedule and one of the things it disciplines me to do is to make two lists. The first is a list called “If I Could Live Today Over Again I’d” and the other is a list of “Things I Get to Enjoy Today”

The things I write on those lists don’t come naturally. I’m forced to sit and […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – Bill Murray Teaches Us to Slow Down
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Imagine getting to meet your favorite actor, then asking for his autograph, only instead of him giving you his autographed, he agreed to slowly walk down a hallway with you and your friends so you could film it as though you were in one of his movies.

Bill Murray did just that, and it’s one of the reasons the world […]

The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

We missed last Saturday because of the Storyline Conference in Nashville. For those of you who have asked, this weekly series isn’t going away!

Your favorite video from the last Saturday post was Five/Five. What about this week?