How to Lead People Past Anger and Hate (New Study Suggests We Were Born With Prejudices)
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Paul Bloom, professor of Psychology at Yale University has been studying the moral life of babies for many years and has recently discovered that, perhaps, there is evidence children as young as six-months old have biases against certain people.

Who are they biased against? They’re biased against people who…

Why Your Weakness Gives You Strength
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

If it weren’t for Professor Xavier, the X-Men would be a bunch of dysfunctional deadbeats living in fear and isolation. It wasn’t until Professor X sought them out, looked each of them in the eye, and convinced them that the very characteristics they hated about themselves actually had the potential to save the world, that they began to step into their true identities as super-humans.

Sunday Morning Sermon — A Child Shows Us The Evidence of God
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

Our friend Bob has some amazing stories, and this is one of my favorite. In this video Bob shares a story about a little boy named Charlie, who has the courage to stand in the face of scary witchdoctors. Even high standing judges did not have the courage to stand up to this evil. By […]