What Your Instagram Feed is Keeping You From
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

I could theorize and offer scientific evidence all day long. I can give you source after source, anecdote after anecdote on why our obsession with our phones is killing us. But here’s the real truth: Your fixation with your phone is killing your ability to do work that matters. While your phone harbors many tools for good, when you get caught in its tractor beam, you’re in for a swamp of time sucking molasses.

Put Your Pain into Perspective
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

We’ve all experienced moments of feeling like our pain is being “put into perspective” when other people’s pain is exposed to us. Whether it comes from witnessing horrible tragedies on the news or in walking with our friends through unimaginable circumstances, you’ve probably, like me, sighed in the heaviness of it all and thought something along the lines of “man, the stuff I go through is so petty in comparison to this.”

Can “Vulnerable” Be a Way of Life?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

At this year’s Storyline Conference, we’ve brought in speakers who tell the truth. You know how it is. So many speakers make us feel like our lives are “less than” rather than works in progress. But what does life really look like for the average person? It turns out we all have more in common than you’d think. But we only realize it when we tell each other the truth.

Conquer Your Fear of Private Speaking
Amena Brown Owen
By Amena Brown Owen

Public speaking is the thing most people fear, but it hasn’t been a fear of mine since I held that mic in vacation bible school. It’s easy to spew opinions or judgments when we have an anonymous screen name to hide behind. But to speak in private—to look each other in the eyes and ask forgiveness, share our feelings or be vulnerable—that takes courage.

How Fantasy Ruins Your Creative Imagination
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’m getting into some debatable vocabulary here, but I want to point out a stark difference between imagination and fantasy. I’m hoping a simple dileniation might help those of you with active imaginations. I’m capable of living almost exclusively in my mind. I can walk and daydream for hours. But some of these daydreams haven’t […]

What We Can All Learn from Good Dads
Steve Moakler
By Steve Moakler

The strongest resistance I face everyday is invisible. Every time I want to take a risk, do something bold, or make a big commitment it gets right up in my face. It’s crippling, accusing and limiting. I face fear everyday. That must by why “do not fear” is the most repeated command in The Bible. God knows we need to hear it over and over again. I’m not a father yet. But I have noticed a trait I see in good dads. Good dads lovingly lead their children into things that are scary.

How Your Possessions Are Affecting Your Heart
Joshua Becker
By Joshua Becker

For most of my life, I have lived under the impression that my actions will follow my heart—that the things I treasured most would be reflected by my investments. As the saying goes, “You can tell what’s important to someone by looking at their calendar and checkbook.” While I think there is some truth in that statement, over the past few years of pursuing minimalism, I have begun to notice that the inverse is probably even more true.

Olympic Gold Medalist Talks About What Really Matters
By Donald Miller
A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties
By Cadence Turpin
If You Want to Write a Book, Start With Your Story
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One Word That Makes All The Difference In Relationships
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