What to Do When You Just Want to Give Up And Quit
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

It’s been one of those months where I’ve wanted to throw my hands up and quit. Have you been there? Big stuff is brewing in your life, hard stuff. It’s heavy and all over you, and all you want is out. For me, work and writing have been the hard stuff. Writing is usually hard, […]

Judging Others Is Making You Unhappy
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

My wife Nita and I were finally buckled into our seats on a plane en route to the beach for a week of quiet and rest. It had been a long year, full of changes. Among those changes—we’d packed up our house, renovated it for a sale, bought a new house in a new town, […]

Are You Being Blinded By Advertising Messages?
Joshua Becker
By Joshua Becker

“What do you want from the toy store?” I asked my son, Salem. It was a sentence every kid dreams of hearing, and my son was no different. He’d just turned five years old and had received a gift certificate to a toy store for his birthday. “A skateboard,” he said with a grin. He’d […]