Why You Never Need to Feel Shame
William Paul Young
By William Paul Young

I sat having a conversation with a young man whose life is at a crossroads, largely in ruins, because of the broken places of his soul and his choices. He comes from a similar religious heritage as I do, so we have language in common. In this moment, he believes he is utterly depraved; worthless. […]

Be Brave Enough to Make a Mess
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

To be honest, my small group, a group I adore, has not been an easy nut to crack in terms of vulnerability. Some people lay it all out there to whoever will listen. This group is not like that. Again, I super-love them, but spilling our guts is not really in our repertoire. So I’m learning to create the space for it. And then wait. Like you’re waiting for a cat to come out from behind the couch, sort of acting like you don’t even care, but you really, really do.

How I Learned to Not Be Overwhelmed
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

One of the main problems I deal with is trying to manage too many projects. And most of those projects are big. If you’re like me, you have trouble breaking down massive projects into manageable pieces and executing each piece well. And when I can’t break things down easily, I tend to freeze. This creates obvious problems. But I learned something from Dr. Henry Cloud awhile back that helped tremendously.