The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

The winner last week wasTerrence Stephens Singing. But which video is your favorite this week? […]

A Message For Those Who Try to do It All
John Richmond
By John Richmond

Have you ever seen a one-man-band? After strapping various musical instruments to his body, he begins to make music by simultaneously playing them all. When done well it is impressive: one person doing everything. Yet, it is more of an athletic accomplishment than a musical event . . . more side show than concert. One-man-band music does not top the charts and is not purchased on iTunes because what is memorable is the novelty not the music produced. […]

Why Are So Many Successful Men Sick Men?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

One of my favorite scenes in any book takes place in John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row. If you remember the story, it’s about the citizens of a particular street along the California coast. There’s a man they call Doc who collects all kinds of species of sea animals to sell to colleges and laboratories. And there’s a group of homeless guys who live across the street from Doc’s shop. They live in an old warehouse and one of them lives with his wife in a large, abandoned piece of pipe. His wife has draped curtains over fake windows on the inside of the pipe and the boys all sit on the steps looking out at the street, judging the value of the world as it passes by. The homeless boys are led by a well-meaning man named Mack who wants to throw a party for Doc but just makes a bunch of mayhem trying. […]