Why You Should Look Past Your Peers
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Here’s a secret I learned long ago. It’s a big one and it’ll propel you into a future of greatness…


Instead of taking social cues from people your age, take cues from people ten and twenty years older than you. Are you looking for[…]

An Essential Step to Becoming A More Positive Thinker and Doer
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

It was my son Hunter’s first soccer game of the season. And like most youth soccer games, the five-year-old boys, with shirts down to their knees, looked like a swarm of bees, oblivious to the coach’s instructions to “spread out.” Still, they managed to get the ball up and down the field, and all but a few ‘intense’ parents had a great Saturday morning.

One day, the coach put Hunter in as the goalie. Inexperienced at the position, he was eager to put on the special goalie outfit (complete with a brightly colored shirt and gloves). Soon he was standing there in all of his splendor. When the first ball went past him, I didn’t think much about it. After all, I’ve seen professionals miss a ball or two. After the 6th ball hit the net behind him, I began to get worried.

When the opposing team’s score hit the two-figure mark, I began to sweat. The competitive parents began whispering […]

What I Learned About Justice from a Mom with a Stroller
John Richmond
By John Richmond

When I think about someone passing judgment, I get a pit in my stomach. Past pains, failures, and hurt feelings stream through my mind. Coaches passed judgment on my ability to make the team, employers passed judgment on my work, and friends passed judgment on the future of our relationship. Sometimes I have measured up and sometimes I have not . . . but I have never enjoyed it when people passed judgment on me.

What I have learned is that passing judgment is nothing more than a measurement.  Judgments are just cold static rulers that generate a passing or failing grade.  They are impersonal scoreboards that reveal the outcome of a game. Even the most accurate judgment only reveals what has already happened. In many ways it is easy to pass judgment on others.  It does not require a relationship or a commitment to the future.  When a defendant leaves a courtroom after being judged guilty […]