The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

The winner last week was the Duct Tape Surfing video. So powerful! What about this week? […]

How I Dealt With Shame From Men
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

Several weeks ago I read this article Liz Riggs wrote for Relevant about the way it feels for a woman to be called out by a man in public for her looks. Few women can forget the way their stomach turns the first time they experience this.

Why You Should Write in a Closet
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Colum McCann wrote his latest novel in a closet. Literally in a closet. And Annie Dillard, who won the Pulitzer at the young age of 26 for her wonderful book called A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek recommends writing in a dark room walled with cinder block.

This is a far cry from the usual writer’s fantasy of sitting down to a typewriter in a farmhouse sitting before a windowed view of mountains.

The reality about writing is the more romantic you are about the process, the less […]