What a Relationship with Jesus Feels Like
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I got acquainted with Jesus just out of high school. I’d grown up attending church and loved going to church but it’s hard to say I really knew Jesus till much later. I’ll never forget it, actually. I was reading the Bible late one night and happened across a passage in the book of James. The text said faith without works was no faith at all. Very suddenly, that passage made complete sense to me. I knew very clearly, and quite mysteriously the way to know Jesus was to take action, was to follow Him and do things. I’d spent my entire childhood learning about Jesus, learning about right theology and even more about wrong theology but I’d never once taken action in following Him.

So, I did. I went outside and started walking down the street. I needed to physically take action, I’m not sure why. It didn’t make any sense, I just needed to move. I felt like God didn’t really care [...]

“Almost Everything I Know About God I Learned by Doing, Not by Studying” by Bob Goff
Bob Goff
By Bob Goff

I once listened to a Taylor Swift song called “Love Story” on a flight all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. I had the song on repeat on my iPod for some reason and as soon as it finished, it would automatically start once again. If you want to know how many times I heard that song, divide 3 minutes and 55 seconds by North America. Even though I had heard the words sung over and over, you know what? I can’t remember more than a few isolated lyrics.

I remember that it’s about a guy named Romeo and I’m not quite sure who the girl is. I’m guessing it’s Taylor; but that’s just a guess. I think that they had to overcome some adversity because the girls’ dad wasn’t keen on young Romeo. As a dad, I can respect that. But at the end of the day, I remember [...]

The Backlash of Creating a Perfect Image
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

There’s been some backlash, lately, to Anne Hathaway. I am mostly neutral on the pop-culture phenom. I don’t mind her as an actress. And nobody can fault her work ethic or her choice of roles. She is insanely ambitious and delivers. I think she deserved the Oscar a couple weeks back. Truly.

I also think people are a little mean, and some of that meanness comes from jealousy.

That said, the frustration isn’t without warrant. People get frustrated with her seemingly perfect exterior, her smiling responses and acceptance speeches. You get the sense she [...]

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