Learning to Turn the Other Cheek (Even Though I HATE Critics)
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Something funny happens when you write books and a lot of people read them. Life gets strange. Really strange. You start having conversations with people who feel like they know you but they also know they don’t, so they just look at you and are slightly confused but don’t know why. I really want to figure out something to do in those moments because I never know what to do either. I might start singing, or just hold their hand and stare into their eyes. Not sure.

The thing that was the hardest to get used to, though, and I swear it’s true, is that when you have any kind of notoriety people honestly feel like they have the right to be mean to you. Seriously. They will write a blog or a tweet and twist your words around or take your ideas to an extreme to make them look stupid and then call you stupid. And that’s fine and that’s not a problem because we all went through that in junior high, but the no fun part is […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – Cheerleader Reunited With Her Father. Happy Father’s Day!
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Well, about two minutes in just prepare to get choked up.

Happy Father’s Day, guys! Without you hundreds of millions of women would still be searching for something, hundreds of millions of kids would be without a role model, millions would still be wondering what love is, what strength is, and what God is like. There are few stories better than the story a dad lives out with and for his wife and kids. We celebrate you today! […]

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

Last week, Olivia and her poetry won by only 3 votes over the cymbal mishap. And for this week, we celebrate dads. Which of these is your favorite? […]