Redeem Your Negative Turns – A Week of Free Life Coaching – Day Two
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Today, we’re going to patch up the cracks in your foundation.

Here’s what I mean by that: Each of us have had some hard experiences that, if we let them, can drag us down. Either we experienced a tragedy or made some mistakes or we were wronged in some way. Today, we’re going to spend the entire morning just trying to redeem each of the negative turns in your life […]

Who Are You? – A Free Week of Life Coaching – Day One
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Let’s pretend last night my wife and I picked you up from the airport in Nashville. We brought you to our home, had dinner, drank some wine, laughed a bit and then turned in for the night.

Come morning, we made coffee and ate cereal and Betsy headed out for the day so you and I could go up to my office and get started […]

Set The Foundation – A Free Week of Life Coaching – An Introduction
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

New Years Resolutions don’t tend to work well, so at Storyline we’re trying something different. We want to take our readers through a five-day life-coaching session. We’ve already taken more than 10,000 people through a similar process and we’ve seen positive changes in our clients’ sense of clarity, well being, relational engagement and productivity. While goal-setting is great, this process is much more comprehensive […]