Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best of the Internet This Week
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

On the weekend we pour a little more cereal in your bowl. We hope you enjoy some reading from our regular contributors, some viral videos and other great finds from the internet. This is what we loved this week. Share your favorite articles and videos in the comments below.

What Is Faith?
Becca Stevens
By Becca Stevens

Jennifer Clinger is a survivor of trafficking, abuse, addiction, and about a million other things. She is also a teacher, a seeker, and a professional writer for Thistle Farms. I asked her what question she would want me to address in a blog for Don Miller. Here is a few of the more than a dozen questions she wrote back in about an hour:

The Right Way to Praise Your Kids
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Not long ago a study was released explaining kids are negatively affected when we tell them they’re good at something. It sounds crazy, I know, but the article said if we say to our kids they’re good musicians or good athletes, they feel an enormous amount of pressure to live up to the expectations we’ve unknowingly set. The study found kids are much better off if we say great job scoring that goal or you sounded really good in practice today. The difference, the study suggested, is we’re praising what a kid did rather than praising his or her identity based on select criteria. In other words, when we say you’re a good musician what the kid hears is you only matter if you’re a good musician and you should fear losing that status but when we say you sounded great in practice today what the kid hears is you sounded great in practice today, nothing more and nothing less. Their identity has nothing to do with whether they’re a good musician or not.