How to Change a Negative Character Trait
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Years ago I read a little psychology book by Don Riso and Russ Hudson about personality types, a topic I geek out on, to be honest.

The book talked about the character faults of different personalities, and as I read my own, I became a bit dismayed. I wondered how I could change negative characteristics that seemed to be interwoven in my DNA. How would I change who I seemed to be in my core?

A New Way to Think About Money That Can Make Us All Rich
Allison Fallon
By Allison Fallon

We had only been living in South Florida for a few months, but it only took a few months to realize this was one of the most wealthy places in the country—and people weren’t afraid to flaunt it. Everywhere we went, we saw luxury vehicles and fancy shoes and five-carat wedding rings and the end-result of plastic surgeries.

There were boats and boat houses and yachts with their own Wikipedia pages. There were houses the size of hotels, and other houses so big they made the hotel houses look like shacks.

In some ways, of course, this wild display of wealth was a little disconcerting for me. But at the same time, it was eye-opening.

Why We Need To Take More Risks (Thanks, Walter Mitty)
Tsh Oxenreider
By Tsh Oxenreider

I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in the theater last night, and walked out lighter than air. There’s something about a movie (or any story, really) where the protagonist overcomes fear by way of ridiculous risk that makes my heart soar. I know what it’s like to be scared of risk.

But I’m not always the best at looking at risk head on and saying, “Alright. It’s go time.” I tend to turn around and bury myself somewhere safe—making tacos, letting the kids watch another cartoon, writing a post no one could disagree with, watching Friends reruns.